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  • Vulnerabilities Of Coast Guard

    (U) There are many vulnerabilities in the cyber realm, and they continue to increase every time a new system is added to the fleet. The main goal of Coast Guard cyber intelligence is staying ahead of the hackers. To do this, Coast Guard intelligence needs to understand who will attack them in the future and how they will do it. They need to know everything that was just discussed above, including the type of person, capability, vulnerability, and threat level to the United States government and the Coast Guard. If one or all of these are not known, cyber defenders cannot prepare for an attack. This is why cyber intelligence is so important to the Coast Guard and the government alike. Moreover, reliance on cyber systems within the Coast Guard…

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  • Coast Guard Case Study

    PRESENTED Does Mr. Moore a experienced sailor, have a valid claim for wrongful death against the Coast Guard for the death of his wife based upon the Coast Guard’s one-hour delay in reaching the boat after he made a distress call asking for rescue due to the bad weather conditions? BRIEF ANSWER OR CONCLUSION Probably not. Under the Good Samaritan doctrine applicable to this case the Coast Guard probably won’t be liable for wrongful death since there are not omissions of failure to act,…

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  • Coast Guard Cyber Security Analysis

    agencies each year. Pew Research Center recently conducted a study, and found that the people of the United States believe that the second biggest threat to global security is cyber-attacks. Specifically, these threats pose significant risks to the Coast Guard and the National Maritime System (NMS). These operations contain cyber systems crucial…

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  • The Importance Of Leadership On The United States Coast Guard

    1. The United States Coast Guard is an organization with a rich history, heritage, and traditions. As we venture further into the future, we continue to make necessary changes and improvements to move forward. The strong leaders throughout Coast Guard history have paved the way to make us the premiere maritime service that we are today. It remains that in all of our best efforts to equip the junior enlisted ranks with leadership tools we fail to focus on our very own strong leaders and events…

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  • Coast Guard Investigative Service Case Study

    Reserve Training Coordinator for the Coast Guard Investigative Service The Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) lacks an effective method of managing training opportunities across the service for the reserve force. It would be beneficial to establish a reserve training coordinator at each Resident Agent Office or field office for the purpose of ensuring uniform distribution of training opportunities with the goal of creating greater competency across the service. CGIS has a saying which…

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  • Masks In Native American Culture

    diseases to the tribes of the northwest which decimated the population. As natives were converted to Christianity, less importance was given to traditional ceremonies. Native tribal culture has disappeared almost totally. However, contemporary artists of Northwest Native American origin have continued the ancient craft of mask making and in turn introduced a new art form. These artists combine traditional techniques and traditional forms with contemporary artistry. Contemporary masks grace the…

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  • Scale And Cross-Scale Dynamics

    some way each issue that they addressed was involved in different elaborate levels to assess and solve their problems. The following papers were concentrated the elaborate cross-scale dynamics of coastal regions and impacts on PAH’s from oil spills. The Coasts of Our World: Ecological, Economic and Social Importance integrated…

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  • Oceanography 201

    12.Explain sand movement along a beach. There are two types of snat movement along the beach, perpendicualr and parallel. Perpendicular is when the sand is moving twoard the shoreline and away. In cases like swash,where the water rushes up the beach or the backwash, where water drains back into the ocean. These are cases in which the sand moves perpendicular. The other type is parallel. This is when there is a long shore current and the sand is moved up or down the coast. 13.What happens during…

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  • Dana Point Case Study

    INTRODUCTION Dana Point is a city between Los Angeles and San Diego in southern California, but is best known for its harbor. Just north of the harbor lies a rocky beach with large cliffs only tens of meters from the sea, depending on tide level. Cliffs along the coast of southern California are prone to landslides due to their rock composition (mostly sedimentary) and high erosion rates from the sea but become increasingly stressed from overlying man-made structures and landscaping practices.…

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  • Kovalam Kerala Essay

    Kovalam in Kerala is one of the hot tourist destinations in India. Kovalam is called as the beach town in the Thiruvananthapuram city on the Arabian sea coast. The literal meaning of Kovalam is “a grove of coconut trees”. There are plenty of things you can do in the enchanting beach destination town of Kovalam. Sun bath lying on the beach or swimming in the cool waters, have an oil and Ayurvedic massage, savor your tongue with seafood or try your hand at fishing. Have a ride on surfboards and…

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