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  • Cronulla Sand Mine Case Study

    What is a sand mine? Sand mining is a process that removes sand from an open pit. Where has the sand mine at Cornulla existed? Sand mining in Cronulla existed in Kurnell Peninsula in the government area of Sutherland Shire Sydney New South Wales. When did the sand mine at Cornulla close? Why? Sand Mine at Cronulla was Closed since the 1968 because they were removed to allow more tonnes of sand per year and they supplies the building sand What building development has occurred at Cronulla? The…

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  • Balgowlah Heights Summary

    Balgowlah Heights Summary Balgowlah Heights is a Northern Beaches Sydney suburb that wasn’t developed until the 1960s. It is conveniently located about 11 kilometres from Sydney’s central business district, making it perfect for commuting to the city without living in it. Access to the Manly fast ferry and Sydney public transport allows locals to get back and forth to work and to other suburbs. Because of the location of Balgowlah Heights, some of the residents live in homes that give them a…

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  • How To Write An Essay About My Trip To Cape Cod

    Screech! The wheels of the plane finally touched down at Logan airport in Boston after an eight hour flight. After we got off the plane, we still had an hour-and-a-half drive ahead of us. Great. But I knew that it was worth it because we were going to Cape Cod to visit my Grandparents. Cape Cod has beautiful beaches and beautiful weather. The beaches have the silkiest sand, and the bluest skies. Regular visitors and locals refer to Cape Cod as, simply, The Cape. For all of the years…

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  • California Bungalow

    A Building about California The Bungalow on its Home Ground The big cities skyline in California is dominated by gleaming skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. However lots of people prefer to live in bungalow in the comfortable suburbs rather than in hustle and bustle downtown. The California Bungalow is a form of residential architecture of one-and-a-half storey that was widely popular in America from 1910 to 1925. “Because of its mild climate and the reasonable availability of land,…

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  • Narrative Pl The Great Glan Gourmet Getaway

    #ADVENTOURTOWGLAN: The Great Glan Gourmet Getaway Glan, Sarangani Province has risen in the last years where more people than ever before have turned their eyes towards the province as one of the best spots to visit when in Mindanao. And through the creative initiative of the dashing Tourism Officer, Lodar Escobillo - I had a unique opportunity to experience Glan through it's food and beaches while knowing the story behind its fascinating history. Glan is undoubtedly a must visit because of…

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  • Cape Canaverl Beach Research Paper

    Located in the city with the same name, Cape Canaveral Beach offers peace and tranquility to those seeking a quiet retreat. This place is home to secluded beaches and sand dunes that haven't changed at all over the past decades. Its unspoiled beauty attracts nature lovers and couples who wish to enjoy a romantic holiday. Why Visit Cape Canaveral Beach? This beautiful, quiet beachside community is just a short drive for Orlando's major attractions. Its stunning landscape and great weather…

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  • North America Vacations

    North America is home to a variety of geographic features, climates and ecosystems. One of the best ways to explore the geographic complexities of the United States is through a one-of-a-kind vacation. On houseboat vacations, you can enjoy sailing along crystalline waters in a verdant forest or floating between desert coastlines. Whether you are looking for a luxurious vacation or an unusual adventure, American Houseboat Rentals offers the houseboats and destinations that you need. From compact…

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  • Beach Break Research Paper

    Exciting Cozumel Beach Activities to consider for the summer! If you are looking for a much-needed escape from the grind, Beach Break Cozumel with some of the most exciting summer indulgences such as Cozumel Jetski Rentals, Parasailing, Fishing, Snorkeling etc is the perfect option you have to pamper yourself. The place offers an unforgettable day at San Francisco Beach Club in Cozumel. The famous and scenic San Francisco Beach is a 3 miles long beach of white and gold sand with breathtakingly…

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  • Tommy Lynn Sells: Coast To Coast Killer

    empathy keep us sane and for lack of a better word, human. There are people that roam our world who lack these basic abilities to function in society. Serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells is one of the individuals. Notorious as is acts were heinous, the “Coast to Coast Killer” would bring light to that dark corner. Born with his twin sister in June 1964, they both contracted meningitis when they were 18 months old. His sister, Tammy, died from the illness. Tommy’s mother never seemed to recover from…

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  • Holderness Coast Essay

    The Holderness coast is located on the east coast of England. Although it is popular among tourists and bird watching afrionados, at the same time, It is one of the Europe’s fastest eroding coast lines. Approximately 2 million tonnes of material get eroded, which is about 1 to 2 meters of erosion occurs every year. Because of this rapid erosion, about 30 villages have been sank into the sea since the Roman times. This is due to the fact that the Holderness Coast is made of Cretaceous Chelk, and…

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