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  • Kovalam Kerala Essay

    Kovalam in Kerala is one of the hot tourist destinations in India. Kovalam is called as the beach town in the Thiruvananthapuram city on the Arabian sea coast. The literal meaning of Kovalam is “a grove of coconut trees”. There are plenty of things you can do in the enchanting beach destination town of Kovalam. Sun bath lying on the beach or swimming in the cool waters, have an oil and Ayurvedic massage, savor your tongue with seafood or try your hand at fishing. Have a ride on surfboards and…

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  • Longshore Drift Effects

    Processes Explanation Photographic Evidence Impact on the area – Positive or negative Longshore Drift Longshore drift is the lateral movement of sediment in the near shore zone on a coast. It is caused by wave induced currents and wind. This process occurs when the waves break at an angle to the shoreline therefore moving sand along the beach on a diagonal direction The waves hit the beach at an angle (swash) and then retreat (backwash) an angle If the wave is constructive, sediment will…

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  • Essay About Bahamas

    For an unforgettable summer getaway, All Star Car & Limousine Service, Yonkers, NY’s premier airport car service, says to consider these top 10 ultimate summertime vacation destinations: The Bahamas: The Bahamas has a lot to offer for both couples and families. From amazing beaches with crystal clear waters to deep sea fishing, snorkeling, and delicious food, The Bahamas has something for everyone. Miami, Florida: If you’re looking to stay state-side, Miami ranks as one of America’s top summer…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Occasion Destination

    The Perfect Gold Coast Holiday Accommodation Finding the right Gold Coast occasion settlement will guarantee that you have an occasion to recollect. Arranging a trek to Australia's dazzling Coast? Who wouldn't be enticed by a destination that offers the world's most excellent shorelines, best surfing conditions, splendid night life and also a lot of family-accommodating fun? Australia's Gold Coast is a most loved of local people, as well as of explorers around the world. As it is such a…

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  • Aussie Persuasive Speech

    with more international flair. If you're into surfing, then please check out this seashore town and while you're at it, visit the world's largest surfing and beach culture museum: the Australian National Surfing Museum. Located on the south-western coast of Vic, the former port city of Warrnambool, meaning" land between two rivers," marks the end of the Great Ocean Road. Walking tours, diving and kayaking, all make for a delightful holiday treat in this beautiful, unique…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Ride Of A Lifetime

    memories are forever, and that you need to understand and respect Mother Nature to the fullest before you do anything involving nature. Growing up in Virginia, I learned at a young age to not fear the ocean or water. I lived my entire life on the coast of the Chesapeake Bay so I practically lived in the water on a day to day basis. By the age of eight, I was able to drive a boat and could navigate through the plentiful coves and rivers. By the age of nine, I was able to wake board and drive a…

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  • Analysis: Top Honeymoon Resorts

    destinations for a magical beach break. Zanzibar Island features an entire eastern coast full of miles of white sandy pristine beaches coupled with an ideal Zanzibar weather that makes it possible to tour the island throughout the year. There is so much to do and…

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  • New Zealand Coastline Essay

    The West Coast Sea at high tide forms the blowhole effect. The sea spray and the waves at high tide are especially distinctive in carving out the pancake feature. The term Pancake is scientifically described as stylobedding. This means that the layers of Limestone…

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  • California Coast Vs Pacific Coast Essay

    California coast (Pacific Coast) is Eroding faster than it should and the effect of it. I chose the California Coast or the Pacific Coast as it is one of the most popular coasts in the world. California has always been in the news for various natural disasters like forest fires, earthquakes and now Coastal erosion. California is also the World’s IT capital where all the famous companies like Google, Facebook, Apple etc are located. Many Indians migrate to california for jobs. California coast…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Bungalow

    Cast away on Koh Lipe If you asked me what my favourite kind of accommodation is, I would probably say: my own little bungalow with a bit of a hippie vibe, right on the beach with large windows to overlook the ocean, right next to a great restaurant. A bonus would be a Spa, Yoga, Kayak, Snorkelling and Diving. Well, guess where I am right now. Castaway is a small resort on Koh Lipe, the southern most island of Thailand. The bungalows are arranged around an adorable restaurant with a bar and a…

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