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    CC Mr. Gobbi is a 42-year-old male here today with complaints of left shoulder pain as well as to follow up on his coccyx pain. HPI The patient first complained of coccyx pain back in the spring of 2014. He was being active with his kids and fell right onto his coccyx while using a pillowcase to slide down the stairs. He was given an order for an x-ray at that time. Follow up a couple months later, he reported that his pain was better. He chose not to the x-ray. He tells me he is still on and off is having issues with pain in the coccyx. He a few weeks ago was in a golf cart and someone pressed quickly on the gas for the golf cart as he was standing up, causing him to fall back directly onto his tailbone and that seems to have exacerbated the pain and made it worse again. It seems to get on and off where it is bothersome to him depending on how long he is also sitting on his bottom. No other new injury, other than that as mentioned with the golf cart. He has not notice any issues with bowel habits or belly symptoms. The patient also complains of left shoulder pain. It has been going on and off now for the last year. There was no specific injury or trauma that he can recall. He is right-hand dominant. He says initially it was happening intermittently. Now, it is there almost all the time. It is particularly worse at night when he is trying to sleep. He finds that as he is abducting his arm more than 90 degrees, that seems to bother it the most. He also…

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