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  • Persuasive Essay On Minecraft

    building your dream house or at least your first structure. The purpose of the night one shelter is to protect you from the monsters that only come out at night. You should use your wood shovel to gather dirt, this is the fastest way to get dirt walls. However, if you have stone available for your walls then you can use your new pickaxe to gather that. Your first night one shelter doesn’t need to be big right now, it just needs to cover you on all four sides with a roof until morning. Last but not least you will need to build your furnace. For this you will need cobblestone. You need at least twenty cobblestone blocks for this task. You can usually find it below the earth, you can use your shovel to dig through a few layers of dirt or grass until you see some. Once you have at least twenty cobblestone blocks you are ready to lock yourself away for night one. To build your furnace you will need to place one block of cobblestone on each of the outer crafting squares, leave the center-middle square empty. You should probably place your furnace near your crafting table for convenience. Once your furnace is built then you should be able to craft some charcoal. Place a wooden plank in the bottom square and a few wooden blocks on the top square to make charcoal. You 'll want to have at least five pieces of charcoal. Now you can take the…

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  • My Trip To Versailles: My Journey To The Palace Of Versailles

    I had seen pictures of it before, but seeing it in real life is something totally different. The day was a bit overcast, but it did’t take away from the beauty of the gardens. For the first few minutes, I probably walked around with my mouth open. The experience was made all the more magical by the classical music that floated through the gardens. As i wandered further into the gardens, I discovered that some parts are almost labyrinths. It’s easy to get lost in the tall hedges and the…

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  • Persuasive Speech On A Crafting Place

    Most noobs to Minecraft (not being rude) find this the hardest part. Now you need to start making your first house. If you have 6 cobblestone, make a stone axe and pickaxe. They are faster and last longer than wood ones. You can make it any size you want, just make sure it is 2 blocks tall and has a roof. Spiders can spawn and if they track you, they will climb over your walls and most likely kill you. If you put doors instead of just blocks and you are on hard difficulty, zombies will be able…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Prom Changed My Life

    The whole first week, she cried and cried. Every day I would pick her up and buy her a happy meal, because I knew a toy and chicken nuggets would cheer her up. On that Friday, she had a doctor’s appointment. It seemed pointless to go home, eat, and then go to the doctor’s office. Instead, I took her to the park, which remained closer to the doctor’s office than my house. Before we left, I knew I needed to take a picture. While we headed back to my truck, I noticed the two foot cobblestone wall…

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  • Lugano Research Paper

    TRAVEL - The Lugano Walk: A Stroll through Time Woven in Tangled Cobblestone Paths (1) When it comes to suits-and-ties, the city of Lugano comes with an air of importance from the nation’s banking business. Like bees to honey, the lake city attracts high-profiles to take advantage of the secure and private banking system, as well as its other asset in the form of escapes between the maze of streets of the cobblestone-path city. While Zurich is a more popular sister of Lugano that thrives under…

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  • Inmate Magill's Surgery Case Summary

    REASON CHIEF COMPLAINT: Retinal detachment repair. BLANKLINE Inmate Magill presents with a history of a retinal detachment repair. A review of his records shows that he had detachment in and around 2007 with AC IOL placement. He has also had some difficulties with chronic inflammation in the left eye and has been on topical steroid in the same left eye. The inmate states the right eye is like looking through a "dirty windshield." He says the left eye has some central distortion which has …

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  • Descriptive Essay On Asheville

    With herds of tourists slimming and the weather gently seesawing from low eighties to high sixties, the abutting-end of year provides low-key space to linger on the lukewarm beaches and explore the city. Along the rickety cobblestone streets, reverse time on a horse-drawn carriage, and pile onto the dreamlike state by gawking at the centuries-old oak trees floating in the salty air. Spy on the mansions of Rainbow Row, tour the generational homes and gardens, and then rest at the comfortable…

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  • Research Paper On Crohn's Disease

    A series of test are performed to rule out other diseases before an accurate diagnoses is made. Radiographic procedures are often valuable in diagnosing Crohn’s disease due to its distinctive radiographic characteristics. Barium enemas, upper GI series, CT scan of the abdomen, and MRI of the abdomen are radiographic procedures typically performed to diagnose Crohn’s disease. Skip lesions or string signs along the intestine are positive indications of Crohn’s disease (see figure# 1-1 below).…

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  • Golden Egg Research Paper

    It seemed like I was in some sort of aged castle with all the cobblestone walls. The room was dark but the door was just wide enough open I could see to the other rooms. I saw the giant eating what seemed like to be a massive steak but who knows where he got the chunk of meat. He ended up passing out and falling asleep right where he was. Man this sucked, I couldnt even move in this cage, I'm starving, and this pile of golden eggs is really building up in the back of the cage. But all of a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Favorite Vacation To Punta Cana

    was chewing my minty fresh gum to keep my ears from popping. Bang! Bang! Screech! Four long hours later, my family and I finally made it! We arrived to the hotel in a confined shuttle bus. I walked through the substantial glass doors that led to the elaborate lobby of The Hard Rock Hotel. The resort was nothing short of breathtaking and it left me in awe. I waited on a lavish leather couch as my grandmother was checking us in. The cobblestone walkways led me to my room, my jaw-dropping…

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