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  • Coax Case Study

    CoAx is a publically traded company that manufactures and sells coaxial and fiber-optical cable. The company has two transactions where they must determine the appropriate way to recognize revenue. In Transaction 1, CoAx entered an agreement to sell 1,000 feet of 18 American wire gage coaxial cable for $3 a foot to CableCo. The agreement requires CoAx to hold the cable in its warehouse until CableCo can transport the cable to its own warehouse. CoAx concluded that risk of ownership have passed to CableCo, there is a legitimate reason for CoAx to hold the cable in their warehouse for CableCo, and CoAx has no other obligations related to CableCo’s purchase. CoAx will recognize revenue before CableCo takes delivery of the cable. In the Transaction…

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  • Physical Network Design: Network Phenomenon

    lobby. Network devices should be able to be secured and maintained with ease. The network devices should fit the needs of 524 potential hosts. Proposed Network Devices Switches in the closets and server rooms should be used over hubs. One 48 port switch is used for each classroom closet and server room. The computer lab uses a 72 port switch because of the number of hosts connected to it. Patch panels are also used for each closet and server room. More specifically, (2) 24 patch panels per…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Copper And Coaxial Cable

    The limitations of copper and coaxial cable cannot keep up with the ever-increasing demands of distance, bandwidth, and real estate. The potential bandwidth of fiber has not been fully utilized and it is already transmitting signals at multiple gigabits per second. Fiber optic cables can go an average of 62 miles versus 1.2 miles that copper can go before the signal needs to be regenerated or boosted. Overall, it is apparent that fiber optics is a more cost effective solution. Fiber optics is…

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  • Tv's Impact On American Culture

    Since the 1950’s the television set has been a staple in every American family’s living room. They gathered around to watch the moon landing, nightly newscasts, Saturday Night Live, the Superbowl, presidential debates, and to find out the winner of American Idol. TV has a long history of impacting our culture and society, but what it once was is slowly dissolving and transforming into something new. We now live in the age of Netflix, binge watching, and being able to carry a TV with us at all…

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  • Advantages Of A Home Area Network

    point-to-point connections. In this action, the gateway behaves as a core switch. The simplest figures is when all data are digital and encapsulated into the equal protocol. For example, the gateway can be an Ethernet switch or an IP router. now, in residential zones, the best applied cabling manner is Twisted Pair Cable with RJ45 connector. Transmission Media: Home networks can conduct either wired or wireless technologies to capture complete connectivity. Home networking may conduct • …

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  • Essay On Indecency

    Indecency seems to be the biggest category for debate in the field of broadcasting. What is defined as indecency? The FCC has defined broadcast indecency as "language or material that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium, sexual or excretory organs or activities” (). This definition can be interpreted in many ways. This is why there is so much controversy over what is labeled as indecent and what…

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  • The Inverse Heat Transfer Problem

    The injection hole pattern on the face of injector provide propellant distribution form the injector inlet to all of the injector holes. High passage velocities will cause uneven flow through the injection holes and will also disturb the distribution and the composition. When talking about engine performance injector has main impact on the engine than any other component. While designing injector an important factor which is kept in mind is the combustion stability. The injector will have only…

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  • Fiber Optic Sensor Essay

    Nagwa Bekir Topic: Fiber Optic Sensors .  Introduction: Fiber optic sensor since their emergence have been a sector of keen interest for researchers because of their specific and exclusive characteristics thus resulting into the fastest growing field in the past years. There has been a vast development in the fiber optic sensor technology since the first sensor was patient 40 years back in USA during mid 1960’s named as Fotonic sensor. This can be traced back to papers presented by Simon and…

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  • Bridge Analysis

    with a maximum speed of 100mbps. Cat 5e cable was then introduced as higher speed was needed. It has a maximum speed of 1000mpbs. This has become the new replacement for the cat 5 cable. However, all these cables are unreliable as they tend to be slow. More and more homes and company are starting to replace their normal UTP cables with fiber optical cables. These optical fiber cables are thin strands of glass the size of a human hair. They are more reliable and the doesn’t lose packets and they…

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  • Inter Symbol Interference Analysis

    between received and transmit signal. This project also reviewed the basics of current Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DVB-T) techniques and selected it as a suitable choice for lab experiment. The practical side of this project is to design and build a repeater incorporating suitable electrical delay. Contents 1.0 Introduction 4 1.1 Background: 4 1.2 Aim of this project 6 1.3 Project objectives 6 1.3 Project deliverable 7 2.0 Problem analysis 8 2.1 Repeater 8 2.1.1…

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