Tv's Impact On American Culture

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Since the 1950’s the television set has been a staple in every American family’s living room. They gathered around to watch the moon landing, nightly newscasts, Saturday Night Live, the Superbowl, presidential debates, and to find out the winner of American Idol. TV has a long history of impacting our culture and society, but what it once was is slowly dissolving and transforming into something new. We now live in the age of Netflix, binge watching, and being able to carry a TV with us at all times on our smart phones. The TV revolution will change what we’re used to through services, technologies, and advertising. Cable and satellite services are bound to die thanks to the internet. The rise of wireless internet has introduced us to streaming. Before we were limited to only cable company's content and schedules and to only watch TV with cable boxes. The reason why cabe has reigned supreme is because cable companies feel that they’re able to provide hundreds of channels and live experiences. While cable service providers may be able to provide us with tons of channels, the fact is most people won’t watch all those channels but instead want channels fine tuned to their personal tastes and interests. It makes more sense for people to pay for what they want and will watch. …show more content…
For example, Netflix has been leading this revolution with their online accessible library that features beloved movies and TV shows along with their own original content. By downloading Netflix you are able to pick what you want to watch and when, and after that Netflix figures out what you’re interested in and personalizes your home page to your tastes. In a pre Netflix world the cable companies made up the schedule and formula and we showed up went with it, now it’s the opposite. We decide the content and how and when we watch it. We, the viewers, are in charge of TV

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