Example Of Physical Network Topology

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I. Physical Network Design

A. Network Topology
Business Needs
Topology is important as it is the way the computers in this business will be lined up and how they pass information from one to the next. A wrong topology can cause a lot of extra expensive and headaches for the IT personal. The correct topology will make it easier to manage and will help keep the system running smoothly.
A physical topology must be picked that can be easy to set up and easy to maintain. It should allow systems to keep running despite one system on the network failing. It should be connected centrally through one device, for extra security measures. The logical topology should allow computers to communicate, but should flood all the systems at once with unnecessary traffic. A switch may be needed for forward data to host that it is meant for.
Proposed Topology
The topology of this system, both physical and logical, will be star. Star Topology is the most common type of network topology that is used in
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A network device should allow for wireless connection for the student lobby. Network devices should be able to be secured and maintained with ease. The network devices should fit the needs of 524 potential hosts.
Proposed Network Devices
Switches in the closets and server rooms should be used over hubs. One 48 port switch is used for each classroom closet and server room. The computer lab uses a 72 port switch because of the number of hosts connected to it. Patch panels are also used for each closet and server room. More specifically, (2) 24 patch panels per classroom closet, (1) 24 patch panel for server rooms, and (3) patch panels are used for the computer lab. One wireless access point is used for the student lobby. Modem provided by the LES is used with an Ethernet port, if not then a media converter for coaxial cable to Ethernet will be used.

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