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  • Case Study: Air Force Dining Training Quota Management Center

    Unfortunately, for the typical Coast Guard trainee, pay grades E-4 and E-5, the cost of a typical DFAC a-la-carte meal is very significant even compared to other individuals attending other training where commercial per diem is authorized. For instance, at a normal Coast Guard installation, IAW Ref (c), the galley offers various items for a set price of $2.55 for breakfast and $4.65 for lunch and dinner respectfully. In comparison, a DFAC offers meals from a menu where each item is marked up 133 percent of the cost of food IAW Ref (c). For example of the markup, IAW Ref (d), a simple breakfast consisting of an egg and cheese croissant, two slices of bacon, banana, and juice bottle costs $6.10; a simple lunch consisting of a slice of pizza, chef salad, fruit cup and a soda costs $9.35; a simple dinner consisting of meat lasagna, chef salad, garlic toast, fruit cup and a soda costs, $12.00. The final total daily set price for a Coast Guard galley is $11.85, compared to $27.95 for the described meal at a DFAC. Additionally, if BAS is combined with GMR per diem (which averages around $12.30 a day) is thrown into the equation for a member’s daily subsistence while TDY, the difference is $ 1.80 to the government, not the individual…

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  • Coast Guard Case Study

    PRESENTED Does Mr. Moore a experienced sailor, have a valid claim for wrongful death against the Coast Guard for the death of his wife based upon the Coast Guard’s one-hour delay in reaching the boat after he made a distress call asking for rescue due to the bad weather conditions? BRIEF ANSWER OR CONCLUSION Probably not. Under the Good Samaritan doctrine applicable to this case the Coast Guard probably won’t be liable for wrongful death since there are not omissions of failure to act,…

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  • Ombudsman Research Paper

    MEMORANDUM From: Parrish, Hollie To: CG Recruiting Command Subj: Ref: APPLICATION FOR DIRECT COMMISION ENGINEER C4IT OFFICER (a) Ch 4.B.1.b of the Coast Guard Recruiting Manual, COMDTINST M1100.2 1. I request consideration for selection to the Direct Commission Engineer Officer Program. 2. I married my husband in 2004. I became a dependent of an active duty member of the Coast Guard. My father was active duty Navy for 23 years. I knew as a spouse of a Coast Guard active duty…

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  • Boatswain Mate Chief Case Study

    1. The Ready for Operations program (RFO) Boatswain Mate Chief (BMC) billet assignment is not capturing highly proficient BMC’s. Currently there is not a comprehensive screening process in place for transfers into to these billets. Due to a lack of screening the Coast Guard RFO program is suffering from a lower quality of inspection. Members that are assigned to these positions are lacking in experience and competencies needed for appointment. The program in its current state has resulted in a…

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  • Jake Parson's Short Story: The Great War

    many ways, The Great War had faded for Jake. He’d learned to quiet his haunting memories during the day, but sleep often eluded him. Everything he wanted to forget revisited him at night, and the confined space easily transported him to the muddy trenches of France. Jake wrapped a blanket around his shoulders and settled in on his deck, watching the western sky transition into the deep velvet night. His old infantry habits surfaced as he scanned the waterfront for movement. He knew that…

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  • The Importance Of Leadership On The United States Coast Guard

    1. The United States Coast Guard is an organization with a rich history, heritage, and traditions. As we venture further into the future, we continue to make necessary changes and improvements to move forward. The strong leaders throughout Coast Guard history have paved the way to make us the premiere maritime service that we are today. It remains that in all of our best efforts to equip the junior enlisted ranks with leadership tools we fail to focus on our very own strong leaders and events…

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  • Lone Wolf Terrorism Case Study

    people may think that these two are the same. With some shared roles and responsibilities, they are uniquely different. Think of homeland security as that, secure. They would be like a body guard to a high profile person, in tight and protecting. Homeland defense would be in the defense of, taking the fight to the enemy. Think of as, in this case, the police force. The body guard is protecting the asset, and the police are on the offensive actively looking for the person behind the action that…

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  • CPOA Reflection

    The Chiefs Petty Officer Academy (CPOA) has a way to improve and fulfill a possible lapse in my leadership ability. The CPOA enriches the lives of the enlisted leaders of their services through facilitated involvement. Throughout this essay I will show this involvement by sharing with you how an unexpected visitation from a former Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard (MCPO-CG), stress management, and the intermediate ropes enriched our leaders. It is in the unexpected that great things…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Father's Words

    There 's a quote I was told by my father when I was a little girls. When I was feeling despondent or was unable to accomplish a task he would say, “You were strong yesterday, you are strong today, and you will be strong tomorrow.” Due to my adolescence state I didn 't think much of the quote and the inspiring meaning surrounding his wise words. It pleases me to say that peering back on my past I can discern the effect my father 's words had on shaping me into the person that I am today. A girl…

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  • Case Study: The Maritime Enforcement Specialist

    at multiple DSF units. The Coast Guard must create DSF duty points for the service wide exam (SWE). 2. Assignment to a DSF unit represents the highest level of proficiency, operational…

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