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  • Assassin's Creed

    We all wanted to be a Captain of our own ship sailing the Seven Seas, well now you can Me-Hearties!!! My brother was the one who told me about Assassin 's Creed Black Flag, I wasn 't sure about it because when I played the first Assassin 's Creed it wasn 't really my type of game and quite repetitive, also I prefer open world, 3rd person games. After seeing a few YouTube videos I decided to buy and give it a go. I have only just completed the game 100 percent after many years of owning the game. I would have finished it sooner but ran into a few problems in the past. Being a computer tech I like to regularly update my PC as technology advances. As people probably know steam saves a lot of your games on steam cloud so you don 't have to worry about your game progress when you reinstall windows or upgrade a HDD. But unfortunately you can 't rely on the Uplay version of this. I have lost my game save 4 times after reinstalling windows due to faults or just the computer running slower. This put me off playing the game because I got quite far each time and then had to do it all over again, of course after a reinstall I didn 't want to go back to the game after finding out each time I had lost the saves so I carried on playing a newer game. After completing most new releases that I wanted this year I have finally gone back to playing the game from scratch and this time I stuck with it until I finished, YAY AT LAST!!!!! You can pick this game-up for around £5.00 now, I paid…

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  • Hamlet Monolog Analysis

    Hamlet’s monolog is one governed by rationality. It is a meditation on life and death, being alive and not being, over the disadvantages of existence and the act of suicide. Hamlet compares life with death. He sees life as missing the power, humans as being exposed to the blows of life and outrageous fortune. The only way to dodge the blows will be to stop existing. The death is thus a desirable state. Nevertheless, it is also seen as a journey to the unknown, to a place for which there is no…

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  • Characteristics Of Oedipus As A Tragic Hero

    To be Mad or Not to be Mad? That is the Question. Have you ever thought of yourself as a tragic hero? A tragic hero a great character in a dramatic tragedy who is destined for defeat. “ According to the critic, a tragic hero has three prominent characteristics: (1) a will-power that surpasses that of average people, (2) an exceptionally intense power of feel- ing, and (3) and unusually high level of intelli- gence.”(George Detmold 219) With being a tragic hero, come a tragic flaw. A tragic flaw…

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