Analysis Of Assassin's Creed

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We all wanted to be a Captain of our own ship sailing the Seven Seas, well now you can Me-Hearties!!!

My brother was the one who told me about Assassin 's Creed Black Flag, I wasn 't sure about it because when I played the first Assassin 's Creed it wasn 't really my type of game and quite repetitive, also I prefer open world, 3rd person games.
After seeing a few YouTube videos I decided to buy and give it a go.
I have only just completed the game 100 percent after many years of owning the game.
I would have finished it sooner but ran into a few problems in the past.
Being a computer tech I like to regularly update my PC as technology advances.
As people probably know steam saves a lot of your games on steam cloud so you don 't have to worry
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He leaves his washed out drunken life to sail the Caribbean in search of a better life for him and his love (who he left behind).
The story revolves around treachery, greed and one main goal The Observatory. You take the identity of an Assassin at the beginning of the game and sail to Havana to a meeting taking place which was intended for the dead Assassin, here you learn about a weapon called the Observatory which the Templar 's are looking for (the Assassin 's Creed franchise have always made the enemy to be the Templar 's).
Along the adventure Edward meets the notorious Blackbeard and some other pirates who aren 't so important and even a women pirate pretending to be a man (she works for the Assassin 's).
The Assassins along the way are mutual friends who want the same goal as Edward and at many parts of the game they will ask him to join their cause rather than be an outsider.
Blackbeard is quite a dark, mysterious character who wants to create a pirate revolution but towards the end of the story he just gets killed so easily its just a
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Brutes - they have an axe and throw bombs
Agiles - they will avoid most of your attacks.
Captains - the strongest of them all, wait for them to attack you and then counter attack them.

The map is vast space cut into sections from Easy (top section of map) Moderate (middle of section of map) and Hard (bottom section of map). Being an open world game most of the map is accessible as soon as you have done the tutorial part of the game. There are one or two areas that you aren 't allowed to access but you will understand why if you keep on playing through the main game.
In each section you will need to capture the forts to view the map fully, if you don 't you would be sailing blind.
The fortresses have a difficulty rating depending on which section of the map you are at.
To capture them you will have a sea and land battle, the sea battle is quite easy, just destroy so many defences, then dock your ship. When you jump-ship the Crew decide to shout out captain overboard or something like this.

Now for the land battle.
You need to kill so many officers and then enter inside and kill the head man (he can just be shot or stabbed he won 't fight

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