Isolation In Edward Scissorhands

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Edward Scissorhands a movie by Tim Burton takes place in a 1950’s American setting. Every set in the movie shows the social life of people living in the specific suburb area in that 1950 time frame. The theme of the movie revolves around Edward, main character with all his flaws dealing with the venture to discovering himself in a new society and isolation.
Edward Scissorhands, the main character is a made up human created by an inventor. Before Edward was develop perfectly, the inventor died leaving Edward with hands made up of scissors. After the death of the inventor, he lived up in the castle alone until one day Peg Boggs a makeup seller came to the castle and asked him to leave with her and her family. The story of Edward Scissorhands then began with the family along with the
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The society began to change their perspective of Edward from being the talented and helpful Edward to someone that is not supposed to be living with them.
The story first began with his isolation from the world to trying to be socially accepted by full compliance and back again to isolation from the rest of the world he knew. When he realized he was not accepted anymore, with his rage he unintentionally made it look like he was a monster by frightening the neighborhood. The story ended with him back to his original place, in the castle, isolated.
The movie expanded my understanding in social psychology through the nature of Edward’s personality and the social expectancy from the neighborhood. The theme of the movie focused on self-discovery and isolation, psychological issues of social pressure, compliance, and cognitive dissonance can be addressed in the analysis. Edward with his flawed hands made himself to wanting to be socially accepted led to psychological issue of identification

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