Knights Templar

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  • Why Did The Franks Lose The Battle Of Hattin?

    waterless country and therefore they could not maintain the army in the dry climate. It is clear from the fact he was willing to sacrifice his own holding and allow his wife and men to be captured that Raymond was attempting to save the Kingdom and that by offering battle in an area without the right environment would lead to the decimation of the Franks. The King was willing to accept this advice which was also accepted by the Barons, however Gerard de Ridefort entered the kings tent that night and pressured the king to attack the Saracen army. Gerard was a strong ally of Guy’s and had helped him become king, Smail suggests the King believed that if he did not acquiesce to Gerard then he would no longer be able to count on the support of the Templars. Gerard had a personal vendetta against Raymond due to the Count reneging on a deal to allow Ridefort to marry an heiress under his guardianship. This hatred Gerard held for Raymond led to him discrediting Raymond to the king as he persuaded him that the advice was just another…

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  • Pope Urban II Orders First Crusade

    Glory, fame, and fortune was desired by elite knights and kings. Temptation by the increase land and riches caught the intention of European Nobles (“Pope Urban II Orders First Crusade”). What started to affect these ideas became the lone fact that the Crusades started to become unsuccessful. This meant that future popes would need to increase the benefits to continue to gain soldiers. They knew that they could keep throwing in more and more. They did this instantly. In order to continue to…

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  • The Crusades And The Kingdom Of Heaven

    middle ages the Christians were attacked by the Muslims and conquered the Holy land and later there was a war against the Palestine by the king Philip and Knights Templar. After the battle against Lusignan Saladin reconquered all of the Holy land. From the real history there was a victory of the Muslims and they had enormous power and the Saladin was the leader of the Muslim state. And after some years Saladin conquered kingdom of Jerusalem. Later, Gregory made a plan to reclaim Jerusalem and…

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  • Plato Assassin's Greed

    the survival of humanity. Throughout the game the player learns that Abstergo is actually the contemporary counterpart of the legendary Knights Templar. However, it’s discovered that their intentions are not nearly as righteous as they say they are. Desmond learns that the Templars’ true purpose is to locate relics that they call, Pieces of Eden. It turns out that these are actually the true fruits of the Tree of Knowledge and were taken from Eden by the first men, allegorized as Adam and Eve…

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  • Eugene Delacroix's The Abduction Of Rebecca

    with white. The brown layer by the horse’s feet was left visible by the artist and it gave a soft aspect to the contour. It also gave the illusion of the horse being in movement. Delacroix describes the curvature and high sheen of the horse’ s hindquarters by multiple short strokes in all directions. He also allows the layer of brown to show through so it could have a shadow effect by the tail of the we get to Rebecca’s posture in the picture ,it gets less chaotic. She seems dormant as…

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  • Three Elements Of Comedy In Monty Python And The Holy Grail

    King Arthur and his men intend use to do the same thing as the Greeks did in history as they attempt to enter a castle. The familiarity of the story allows the audience to understand the humor in the plan that the men have. Another scene is when one of King Arthur’s knights, Galahad, enters Anthrax and encounters 150 virgins there who all quite intensely crave him. This scene depicts the women in an almost-pornographic way which is a familiar concept to many people. The 150 virgins make sexual…

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  • Assassin's Creed

    He leaves his washed out drunken life to sail the Caribbean in search of a better life for him and his love (who he left behind). The story revolves around treachery, greed and one main goal The Observatory. You take the identity of an Assassin at the beginning of the game and sail to Havana to a meeting taking place which was intended for the dead Assassin, here you learn about a weapon called the Observatory which the Templar 's are looking for (the Assassin 's Creed franchise have always made…

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  • Monty Python And The Holy Grail Essay

    Python and the Holy Grail” portrays King Arthur in search of the Holy Grail, along with his trusted knights. Set in medieval England, the film offers a satirical yet comedic view of the way of life for the two most influential forces of the time, the church and monarchy. The audience quickly sees the timeless illogicality of the film. There were no police, no grazing sheep, no textile work, no cathedrals, abbeys or shrines awaiting pilgrim, no town markets or fairs, no taxes, no dynastic…

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  • Common Weapons In Medieval Times

    Common weaponry during Medieval Times Clashing swords, flaming ballistae, gleaming armour, all images of battling knights riding in to save the damsel in distress. We all have an image of a knight engrained in our heads. Silver helmets, large sword, shield with an intricate crest emblazoned on it. These were all commonly used in thee times, but there was so much more to medieval weaponry than just a sword and shield. The weapons used were diverse and sophisticated and set a precedent for some…

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  • Bernard And Fulcher Analysis

    Bernard and Fulcher both induce readers to the world of knights, both Christian and non-Christian. Each different knight has a different lifestyle based on their belief system, and this shows in how they are able to battle and conduct themselves. They hold high standards for Christian knights in everything they do. Non-Christian knights are viewed with distaste and concern. Bernard basically calls non-Christian knights women, claiming that they do not have the strength to fight for themselves.…

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