Kingdom of Jerusalem

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  • The Crusades And The Kingdom Of Heaven

    CRUSADES AND THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN The crusade is the group of wars which was undertaken by Christians of the western European which was done to control from the Muslim. These wars was held between 11th, 12th and the 13th century. This history is mostly about the wars and the political situations between the kingdoms. In the movie Kingdom of Heaven (2005) presents the drama related to the history of the crusades which started in an ancient time. This story is about the crusades of the kings and the kingdoms of the French state Builder. And this is concerned with the middle age and Islam. The movie is related to the history of the ancient story which is real around 11th century. So, relating to the history the movie Kingdom of Heaven was…

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  • The Crusade: The Failure Of The First Crusades

    As a result the Emperor Alexias went to ask Pope Urban the second for protection against the Muslims. Pope Urban looked at this as a way to gain land for the Christian faith and accepted, he gave a speech calling all Christians to join forces to claim Jerusalem and the Holy Land. To further motivate people the Pope promised any past sins would be cleansed if they were to join the crusades. This brought many volunteers that had no experience, Peter the hermit took advantage this and created the…

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  • The Crusades As A Sequences Of The Nineteenth Century

    about a mixture between religious awareness and military initiatives. In Europe the Christians were impatient to take back Jerusalem which is known as their holy land. The church had the power to Knights, Chiefs and even Popes that were impatient to transfer their religion to other nations. The Islamic militaries were full of power an energy and took over North Africa and most of Spain. When the first crusade started, a request came from Pope Urban II to the Christian armies to go fight against…

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  • Failures Of The Crusades Essay

    The Crusades- “ History’s most successful failures ” During the time period of 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries, the Muslim force expand massively and rapid around the continent of Europe, pluming the people of multiple nations including the Holy Land of Jerusalem into the worshipping of the religion of Muslim. During this time is when the Crusades were introduced and appear as the holy expeditions. The Crusades were destine to create a successful mark on history, which then over 100 years they…

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  • The Reasons Of The Crusades

    with crusades was to save Jerusalem from the Islamic rule at that time. As much as crusades were for advancing the cause of Christ, they began as a way to free the Christians from the Islamic rule and force. This research paper explains all the crusades that started in Europe and determines if the crusades signify Christian worldviews. The first crusade in Europe took place in 1095, and it was a response to the pope’s call to fight in opposition to the Muslim forces that had started to engulf…

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  • Byzantium And The Crusades Compare And Contrast

    Byzantium and the Muslims We have all heard about the Crusades, how two main religions went to war against each other in the name of God. But what were the Crusades really about? The Crusades was a time when two religions, Christianity and Islam, went to war against each other. This was a time when tension between the two religions as well as Judaism resulted in eight major Crusades between 1096 and 1291 and even a Children’s Crusade that ended in a catastrophe. According to Pope Urban II, he…

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  • Why Did The Franks Lose The Battle Of Hattin?

    relieve the siege and defeat the Saracen army. It can be suggested that the failure of the Frankish army at the Battle of Hattin marked the end of the Frankish Kingdom in the Holy Land which had existed for eighty-eight years , though some resisted long after…

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  • Saladin: Righteousness Of Religion

    captured by the Saracens. In 1183 Saladin once again went on the offensive against Raynald of Châtillon, Lord of Oultrejordain, whose castle fortress was at Kerak, after Raynald captured the town of Aqaba, which lay within striking distance of Mecca. Saladin lay siege to Kerak in 1183 and again in 1184 but made a tactical withdrawal after King Baldwin IV went to the aid of Raynald. Saladin had entered into various truces with the Franks in 1175, 1180, 1182 and the truce of 1185 which was…

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  • Seljuk Turks Essay

    Turks moved from Central Asia to Middle West in the eleventh CE century. One of the tribes called the Seljuk Turks, occupied Persia and then moved west slowly. Battle of Manzikert in 1071 CE is where the Seljuk Turks met Byzantine emperor and his army. The Byzantine emperor was killed, and army was destroyed. After taken over Byzantine the Seljuk Turks moved into Anatolia. Moving south again the were able to occupy the Holy Land. Religion played a role in the origins of the Crusades or…

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  • The Crusade: The Zeal And Zest Of The Crusades

    There was hatred against earthly desires and the zealous piety drove towards practising the religion to the full. The holy land attracted attention as being the most sacred and holy of all the relics. The pilgrims to holy Jerusalem ignited a kind of yearning in the people that made it easy to persuade people to fight for taking back the Holy Land. These are some of the true causes of the Crusades. The crusading movement involved men and women from every country in Europe and touched upon almost…

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