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  • The Koalas (Phascolarctos Cinereus)

    The Koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) digestive system and how they have adapted Tannin in their diet. 17201576 Tannins are a rich secondary metabolite (Barbehenn, R., & Constabel, C. 2011) that is found in a variety of plants including ferns, monocotyledons and dicotyledons which bind to proteins to form a compound known as tannin protein complex (T-PC). (R. Osawa et al, 1995). This protein complex is not easily broken down by enzymes in the mammalian digestive track. For a native species such as the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus), being an herbivore, they have a selective diet consisting entirely of Eucalyptus foliage. Eucalyptus leaves have a low source of available protein and carbohydrates (C.J. Barker et al, 2013) but contain high levels…

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  • David Fleay Wildlife Park Essay

    2007). By using this, children are able to get involved in the protection of wildlife. As well as this, currently there is an immediate need to find effective method for promoting environmental education, because it seems the facts of environmental reports alone do not cause people to change their ways (Schonmann, 2011). This project allows for drama to be used as a method for environmental education, and hopefully succeed in it. The first part of he project is the roving around the park…

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  • Koala Population

    scenario. This is because the animals are scattered in the wild. It is hard to account for the infected animals. Furthermore, it is even harder to avail treatment to the infected animals. Wildlife is very important to our ecosystem. Besides, they are a tourist attraction. Therefore, wildlife must be protected from extinction. Australia continent is very famous for koalas. Koalas are very popular in Australia continent. In fact, they are the only surviving members of the…

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  • The Importance Of The Koala Bear

    chance to be up close and personal with a koala bear. Unfortunately when you arrive to Australia, you find out that you are no longer able to see the koala bear because it is now extinct. With the rate of extinction today, our favorite animals may be gone within the next century. It may seem like this is a long time away but because of human activity and other contributing factors, the world and the lifespan of species are worsening. If nothing is done to help these animals’ environments, we…

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  • Anthony And Lucia's Addiction: A Short Story

    and hits the car throwing Anthony and Lucia into a ravine. Both were unconscious, Anthony open his eyes but was dizzy looking at a koala observing him. Then Anthony wakes up and sees Lucia unconscious trying to wake her up he feels something watching him, every move he made, someone was there observing him. He did not feel good vibes at all. Finally Lucia wakes up and the sky was as dark as the galaxy, she could not see anything, there was a strange odor, she felt that were she was it was very…

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  • Reindeer Observation

    their expressions. Hunter did a really good job of showing the anatomy of a coconut crab by keeping his back hunched and making his hands resemble the claws of a crab. Emily’s use of being on her hands and legs was a great way of displaying how a koala would walk on its short legs to move itself from tree to tree. She also had a good facial expression that resembles how koalas seemingly have straight and unchanging expression. They both did a good job of showing how their animal eats by…

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  • Conservation Biology: The Story Of Genetic Diversity

    may have to adapt. The expression of deleterious traits is a common problem with inbreeding because genetically similar individuals can produce a genetically weak offspring. On the other hand, a loss of fitness can occur also with the breeding of individuals that are genetically too different in a process called outbreeding depression. Koalas and inbreeding. Genetic diversity of mitochondrial DNA was found to be exceedingly low both within and between two populations of koalas (Tsangaras et al.…

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  • Do You Have Access To A Full Service Laundromat?

    Having access to a full service laundromat is vitally important. Especially if you have a lot of laundry to wash or your current washer and or dryer breaks down. Here at Koala-T Coin Laundry, we offer full service affordable laundry services like washing, drying, and fluffing, in addition to large washers and free dryers with every wash so that choosing a laundromat like ours saves you time and money. But before coming to the laundromat, many people don’t have a plan to save time and money…

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  • Polar Bear Digestion Case Study

    the digestive tract and then are absorbed into the bloodstream and travel around the body. As Bob travelled through the large intestine, all the rest of his nutrients were absorbed, leaving him weak and sad. Then, all his liquids were absorbed. This was another physical change for Bob, because he was just changing shape. In the rectum, Bob just exited the body, therefore, without being restricted to only a small area, he changed shape slightly, although is roughly still the same. This was his…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Kmart Company

    light special to sporadically appear to get discounted rates. Kmart must let go of its past and embrace the future. Kmart’s children clothing section is performing exceedingly well because of its exclusive branding deals with Sesame Street and Disney. Kmart should leverage Disney’s partnership with DreamWorks and adopt a spinoff character from the movie Kung Fu Panda. Kmart’s new mascot should be called Kenny the Koala, the long lost brother of Po, from the movie Kung Fu Panda. Kenny the…

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