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  • Red Bread: A Literary Analysis

    The Soviet region’s peasantry has mainly been reliant on agriculture for sustenance both financially and by providing food. This dependence is geographically rooted long before the creation of the USSR itself, spanning to the start of the very population of the area. The very dynamic of the agricultural community began to shift as Joseph Stalin rose to power. Numerous changes were enacted starting in 1927, many of which are found within the first five year plan of 1928 through 1932. This new method of enforcing and imposing Stalinism unto the Soviet people included the practice of collective farming, also known as kolkhoz. While agricultural development was progressing toward this style since the fall of Imperial Russia, Maurice Hindus and his family immigrated to the United States years prior to the change in power. In his memoir, Hindus’ describes his return to the village of his childhood, he divulgates the affects the change has brought upon those whose lives were more closely altered. Through accounts of the hardships faced by the peasantry, a new lens is created,…

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  • Communism And Collectivism: Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx

    characteristics of collectivism (Earley, 1989; Earley, 1994). Collectivism is often confused with individualism, yet both cultures have their failures, they are not quite the same. People in individualist cultures are easily prone to loneliness, and people in collectivist cultures can be fearful of rejection. In individualism, people are very independent and rely on themselves. On the other hand, collectivist’s are not seen as individuals and are not independent at all. In a collectivist group,…

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  • Khrushchev's Secret Speech

    introduction of minimum wage and the improvement of diet, with meat consumption increasing by 55%. Pensions and benefits also increased. However, despite this there were many more failures, although the 7 year plan of 1958 focussed on heaving industry and some consumer goods, it also neglected the military, meaning Khrushchev lost their support. Equally, the system was still very bureaucratic and those items that were produced were poor quality. Most significant were the failures in…

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  • Sacrifice In Between Shades Of Gray

    his shack, Mr. Stalas was in the corner. He complained, “What took you so long? Are you trying to starve me? Are you in cahoots with them (NKVD)?” (Sepetys 134) He also makes a comment about rather having Ona and her rotting baby than eating the beet. (Sepetys 134) Lina and her family choose to make this choice as it is the right thing to do. The way Mr. Stalas reacts fuels Lina to continue a hatred for the bald man. His comment about the rotting baby shows he has no appreciation for those…

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