Korean War

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  • What Is The Korean War Essay

    The Korean-American War The Korean American War was one of the well known wars from the past. It was a war that was trying to be prevented, but when war is coming you can 't prevent it you can just get ready for it. It was a nice little invasion until America jumped in to help defend what we now call South Korea. This small battle between the North and the South of Korea started little, but when an additional country jumps in you can 't do much but call this war. The Korean War started when Korea was one solid country. Nowadays Korea is two separate countries. There is North Korea and there is South Korea. North Korea were more of trouble makers than anything else. North Korea didn 't have much and they were too lazy to do anything peaceful and productive about…

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  • The Forgotten War: The Korean War

    The Korean War is known as the ‘Forgotten War’, but to the countries that were impacted by this war it was anything but forgotten. The Korean War took place on June 25, 1950 and did not end until July, 1953 (History, 2015). There were twenty-one members of the United Nations, commonly known as UN, that sent military forces and aid to South Korea. This war is a ‘world war’ because it included several countries around the world help either North or South Korea. North Korea was under the influence…

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  • The Causes Of The Korean War

    the Korean War began when North Korea invaded South Korea with about 75,000 initial soldiers. The war was being fought over communism, the simple idea that the South Koreans despised and the American government wanted to stop from spreading. The American government feared a so called domino effect which was the spreading of communism to any country near the founding country. For this reason the United States of America was willing to go to war, in July of 1950 the American military entered Korea…

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  • The Causes Of War In The Korean War

    The Korean War was an avoidable war that we didn’t need to intervene in. The Domino effect was still an acceptable cause to go to war. It was the thought that if one country’s government fell to communism, then more would follow in its path. We had a tough time fighting them though, because of physical geography. That’s most of the reason we didn’t win the war, we weren’t ready for the terrain. The battle of pork chop hill was one of the most important battles. Being in the mountain’s it…

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  • Communism In The Korean War

    The Korean War is one of the most well known wars due to the fact that it caused North and South Korea to split and it created allies around the world. North Korea is one of the most powerful and unpredictable countries in the world and it wants to defeat countries like South Korea and the United States. The Truman Doctrine, Policy of Containment and the Domino Theory all play a role on how the US did not want to see other countries become communist. China recently became a communist country so…

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  • Korean War Forgotten War Essay

    Korean War (Forgotten War) The end of the Second World War meant peace and prosperity for the Americans and many others around the world. This was certainly not the case for the Korean people, this meant struggle and difficulty. As many Korean people thought this would be the end of Japanese control, and a chance to become unified. Due in part because Korea was part of the Japanese Empire from 1905 until 1945. This quickly led to a great deal of tension between the Soviet Union and the United…

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  • The Importance Of The Korean War

    earthquake was detected near a North Korean nuclear testing facility. Kim Jong Un later claimed that this was due to the testing of North Korea’s first hydrogen bomb, which would be a very large step forward in their weapons development. News stories such as this have been dominating the media over the past few decades, with events such as this occurring seemingly every other month. North Korea, and its somewhat crazy lineage of leaders from the Kim family, has been a large topic of discussion…

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  • Korean War Essay

    As 1945 drew to a close, the fate of the Korean nation hung in the balance. For over one thousand years, the Korean Peninsula had been united under several states; and the last government of a united Korea, the People’s Republic of Korea, was under fire. Due to treaty agreements between the United States, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the peninsula would be partitioned into two zones of occupation; the Soviets controlling the region north of 38th parallel, while the Americans…

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  • Korean War Essay

    After the end of World War II, the 38th parallel latitude line became the division in Korea, splitting the tiny, East Asian peninsula into what we know today as North Korea and South Korea (Pierpaoli, Paul Jr., 1). In 1948, the Republic of Korea was established in South Korea, while in North Korea, the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea took hold. The Soviet Union occupied the Northern half of Korea, and the United States occupied the Southern half. The government 's’ contrasting aspirations…

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  • Korean War Analysis

    The Korean War was an armed conflict spanning from June 1950 – July 1953 and involved two opposing sides, North Korea and South Korea. Each side was backed up by the Soviet Union and United States, respectively, and was part of the larger, long-term Cold War. The stage was set for a South Korean-U.S. victory with the allied forces pushing back the communists north of the 38th parallel and to the Yalu River in North Korea. However, victory could not be seized as the South Korean troops were met…

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