Cold War And The Korean War

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The Korean war highlighted the conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States as the Cold war raged on in the early 1950s. The Red Army, which was part of the Soviet Armed Forces, attacked and conquered many different countries around the 1940s( After these nations were conquered, they became a part of the Soviet Union and Stalin, who led the Soviet Union, established communist rule in the countries. By conquering nations around the world, the Soviet Union had the ability to spread the communist ideology. The U.S. noticed this and Harry S. Truman, the president during the Korean war, made a policy in 1947 to restrict the further expansion of the communist ideology. This policy was called the Truman Doctrine and it made …show more content…
attempted to curb Soviet influence on the Korean Peninsula by occupying the southern part of that area”( This expresses that the United States got involved in South Korea with the primary and sole purpose of hindering the expansion of the communist ideology. Before North Korea attacked South Korea, there were several communist groups lurking within South Korea. With the U.S. in South Korea, the communists under the Soviet Union were not able to accomplish as much as they possibly could. In the government publication, “Communist Capabilities in South Korea”, it is mentioned that “The mission of the Communist forces in South Korea is to assist in carrying out the Soviet plan for the eventual absorption of South Korea into the Korean Democratic Peoples Republic by undermining popular government support...dissipating the military strength of the Republic, and developing the conviction that Communist domination is inevitable…”( The word “undermining” expresses that the Communists from North Korea, also known as the Korean Democratic Peoples Republic, planned on damaging and weakening the assistance of the democratic government of South Korea (the Republic of Korea) in order to take control of the nation. The term “dissipating” expresses that they wanted to carry out their plans by scattering and destroying the army of the Republic of Korea. Lastly, the term …show more content…
Their failure was due to America’s involvement in South Korea both before and during the Korean War. With the mission to contain the expansion of Communist beliefs during the Cold War, the United States aided South Korea. Ultimately, the participation and actions of United States in South Korea, before and during the Korean War, hindered the expansion of Communist ideologies to a great extent. Due to the support South Korea gained from the U.S. and the agreement the U.S. negotiated with the North Koreans, North Korea became unable to gain control of South Korea to expand the Communist

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