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    1938, Henry Ford accepted the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the Nazi’s regime’s highest medal for a foreigner? Henry Ford may have been the first to make an affordable and reliable car for America, and many people looked up to him for it, so did the Nazi’s, but they looked up to him for a different reason. He wrote and published anti-Semitic writings. Henry also expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler and Germany. Ford accepted many achievements, some were not ones that people would be proud of and others were. John Francis Dodge also competed against Ford on making his mark in the automotive industry. Dodge and Ford’s childhood was very different from each other. (Biography.com editors; Henry Ford; biography.com) Ford was born…

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  • Henry Ford Biography

    not being able to buy a Ford. Without Henry Ford it wouldn’t be possible. He produced quality automobiles that were affordable, and still does to this day. His automobiles were so affordable, many people could buy them. He took productivity and customer satisfaction to a new level. Ford tried his best to satisfy all his customers and make an automobile that would last. His was also a great business man who knew how to make money, and have a productive business. Henry Ford positively impacted…

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  • Henry Ford As A Machinist

    Henry Ford was a machinist, He worked both night and day, To give this world a flivver, That has made her shivver, And speeded her on her way, Now he is a billionaire, But his record is fair, He is humanity’s friend. - Henry Ford Henry Ford did not only impact the lives of those back in the 1900s, but as well as the lives of individuals today. He started a revolution that no one else had, or could of. Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903 in Detroit, Michigan. He announced in 1914, that…

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  • Henry Ford Impact

    Henry Ford’s Impacts on Mobilization A major start of the automobile was Henry Ford. He always wanted to help make a way for the middle class to have some of the luxuries of the upper class. His way was the Ford car. One of Henry’s greatest quotes from the book Who Was Henry Ford stated “To do for the world more than the world does for you-that is success” (Michael Burgan 61). This was Henry’s overall goal in life and he thoroughly finished it by allowing people to become more mobile and…

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  • Henry Ford Biography Essay

    Henry Ford is known as one of America’s foremost industrialists who revolutionized the assembly line modes and production of the automobile. Ford was born July 30, 1863, in Michigan, and passed away on April 7, 1947. After a few trials of building cars and companies, in 1903, Henry Ford established the Ford Motor Company. Ford introduced the development of the moving assembly line and is credited for helping build America’s economy in the nation’s vulnerable years (“Henry Ford Biography” 1).…

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  • The Assembly Line: Henry Ford And Ford Motor Company

    to Henry Ford and Ford Motor Company, but like so many inventors, Ford just improved the assembly line that was patented by Ransom Olds. Before the industrial revolution, products manufactured in factories were made by hand with a single worker completing a part of the product then all the workers coming together and collaborating to make the final product. At the time, this was the most efficient process. In the 12th century, the Venetian Arsenal provided us with the first real example of the…

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  • Henry Ford: Revolutionized The Car Industry

    History of Henry Ford Henry Ford Revolutionized the car industry. Let alone, he made the manufacturing of cars much faster. During Henry Ford’s life he was a very industrious man. He always was working on something. Henry Ford was born on his father 's farm, and he worked on the farm until he was 16 (History 3). Ford also had time for his family, he married his wife in 1888 (Henry Ford 3), and his first son was born in 1893 (LifeOfHenryFord 1).Henry worked hard all his life, even when he was a…

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  • Henry Ford The Vehicle Game Changer

    Ford Model T Lizzie: The Vehicle Game Changer World-famous Henry Ford introduced the assembly line in the car making process which changed the future of the automobile industry. His implementation revolutionized the automobile industry with his low-priced Model T produced in assembly lines, which eventually made the automobile America 's transportation of choice. Henry Ford is the founder of Ford Motor Company and the man behind the legendary Model T. Born on July 30, 1863, on a small farm in…

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  • How Was Henry Ford Successful

    Ford was a very successful man, as you all may know or not he was a very good engineer which led him to his amazing company. Henry Ford helped society by making and designing cars, as he also followed in his father’s footsteps. As we can imagine all the hard work and dedication Henry Ford must of put into all these cars, trucks, and jeeps that we so thankfully drive today Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1836 in a clearing in Michigan woods. They had came from Ireland (Lacey 4). Ford was only a…

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  • Henry Ford Revolutionized The Automobile Industry

    Admired as both a technological mastermind and a widespread idol, Henry Ford opened the door to an undiscovered industry of extraordinary size and wealth. In only a few decades, his innovations permanently transformed the United States. Henry Ford prepared humanity for the steep development of the mechanical world, with particular focus in the automotive business. He transformed the automobile, from a development of unclear utility, into an advancement that significantly formed the twentieth…

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