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  • Chimpanzee Relationships

    Chimpanzees are closely related to humans, in fact, chimpanzees and humans share 94% of their DNA. In addition, adult males can reach up to 6 feet tall and weight approximately 150 pounds. In this paper you are going to read and analyze how chimpanzees share multiple similarities with the human being, beginning with their family and reproductive relationships to the way they obtain food. Chimpanzees have one of the most organized and complex social societies within the animal kingdom. Chimpanzees social structure is balanced because the survival of their species depends on it. It is fundamental for a chimpanzee to be a member of a community since this provides them protection against predators, easier food procurement, and greater territorial…

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  • Chimpanzee Culture Essay

    Another definition that anthropologists came up with is that animals and chimps acquire culture through “social transmission mechanism”, according to “Cultures in Chimpanzees” written by Andrew Whiten et al. Finally, a third definition(s) that anthropologists has come up with is that culture within chimpanzee communities are acquired socially but, due to it being acquired socially there is always a possible chance that culture will evolve as chimpanzees acquire new practices. In addition to the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Chimpanzee Communication

    In the articles, “Chimpanzee Communication” and “Language Development in Chimpanzees and Human Children” from Big History, scientist Jane Goodall talk about how different chimps around the world were taught American Sign Language (ASL) and how they managed to arrange these gestures into coherent sentences. As expected, some of the chimps did not understand the meaning behind the signs, they just mirrored the movements. Miraculously, others were able to learn the meanings of each sign and use the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Chimpanzee

    The intelligent and aggressive species known as the chimpanzee is recognized as the most closely related animal to humans in the world. At one time it was believed that gorillas and chimps were the most closely related, until new technologies were developed resulting in the finding that humans share a massive 99% of our DNA with these creatures. Chimpanzees are classified in the genus known as Pan, along with the species bonono, but not with humans. Humans are classified in their own genus known…

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  • Evolutionary Relationship Between Chimpanzee And Bonobo

    The chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and the bonobo (Pan paniscus) are the two closest living relatives of humans. While, bonobos and chimpanzees are very similar to each other, they also differ in many significant ways. However, in some ways they resemble more closely to humans than to each other. For example, chimpanzee males are much more aggressive and violent, especially when competing for a mate or a rank within the group. This violence can be lethal. In their communities, male to male bonds…

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  • Chimpanzee And Human Behaviour

    I find the study of Chimpanzee and Human behaviour to be a very fascinating subject. Primatology is a field of study that helps us understand many different aspects of how primate’s function and how we are able to compare it to how human’s behaviour and social skills adapt and develop much differently in society. The article I read focuses on this specific topic and shows us how humans and apes develop different social skills from a young age. Even though chimpanzees are our closest living…

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  • Innate Moral Awareness In The Chimpanzee

    The chimpanzee, shares 98.8 percent of their DNA with humans (Source 11), allowing us to make the fair assumption that there must be some notable similarities in between chimpanzee and human morality and social awareness abilities. Among the chimpanzees, we can find several key behaviors that align with ours. First and far most, chimps will punish of individuals who do not follow the rules and social norms, such as the sharing of food. Secondly, chimps show instances of social reciprocity by…

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  • Characteristics Of Male And Chimpanzee

    Humans are very similar to chimpanzees not only physically, but mentally too. According to researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Center at Emory University, Chimpanzees have meta traits, “which were found to be the most fundamental personality traits… [and when broken down] resemble… personality traits of humans” (Palermo). Human and chimpanzees personality traits are often split into two different categories: the alpha and the beta. THe ideal alpha male is someone who is aggressive…

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  • Similarities Between Chimpanzee And Modern Human Skeleton

    Stop 1: Chimpanzee, Modern Human, and Neandertal Skeleton 1. The modern human skeleton is much larger in size compared to the chimpanzee and hominid skeleton. The Chimpanzee had longer arms, much narrower rib cage and smaller skull compared to both ancient hominid and human. On the other hand, the hominid had robust bone joints, allowing more flexibility. The skeleton structure of chimpanzee indicates that they moved by using four limbs while both human and hominid walked upright. 2. The…

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  • The Planet Of The Apes And King Kong

    are typically things people tend to be scared or afraid of. The monsters I chose are chimpanzees in the movies, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and “King Kong”. They are chimpanzees in both movies and eventually grew to actual apes. The movies both had a relationship bond between an animal and a human. The humans did not feel how the animals felt at first, but soon felt the same way. In the movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” a chimpanzee was raised by a human and grew attached to human…

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