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  • Essay On Chimpanzee Culture

    anthropologists came up with is that animals and chimps acquire culture through “social transmission mechanism”, according to “Cultures in Chimpanzees” written by Andrew Whiten et al. Finally, a third definition(s) that anthropologists has come up with is that culture within chimpanzee communities are acquired socially but, due to it being acquired socially there is always a possible chance that culture will evolve as chimpanzees acquire new practices. In addition to the third definition, anthropologists also proposed that culture “is based on shared meanings between members of the same group or society” (Boesch 83). Though there are other definitions out there, Christophe Boesch, argues a good point and expands further on the definition that chimps acquire culture through social interactions. Through many research, all anthropologists and scientists primarily focuses on the culture of tool use and social behaviors within chimpanzee communities. Inheritance exists within any type of communities, whether it be within animal communities or human communities there exists a certain type of inheritance that animals and humans receive and that includes culture. Andrew Whiten proposed that culture within chimpanzee communities are acquired through social inheritance. Whiten through research and studies have concluded that “[c]himpanzees have accumulated many traditions, but each remains sufficiently simple that there is little scope for it to have developed significant complexity…

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  • Chimpanzee Social Structure

    Chimpanzees are closely related to humans, in fact, chimpanzees and humans share 94% of their DNA. In addition, adult males can reach up to 6 feet tall and weight approximately 150 pounds. In this paper you are going to read and analyze how chimpanzees share multiple similarities with the human being, beginning with their family and reproductive relationships to the way they obtain food. Chimpanzees have one of the most organized and complex social societies within the animal kingdom.…

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  • Chimpanzee Foot Comparisons

    While research shows that the navicular and talus are ape-like, the calcaneocuboid articulation resembles that of a modern human (Harcourt-Smith et al., 2004). This is a very distinct morphological change in the foot of a chimpanzee to the foot of Homo sapiens sapiens, and reinforces that chimpanzees are a proxy for pre-hominin ancestors. The medial column is ape-like, with no arch like in modern humans, showing that the arch discovered in A. afarensis continued in other Homo species rather than…

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  • Chimpanzee Mind Theory

    Call and Tomaello (2008) were involved in a new study on chimpanzees called the food competition paradigm. These experiments centred on the interactions between a submissive and dominant chimpanzee in the presence of food. With both chimpanzees at opposite sides of a room and food placed in the centre, a number of conditions which either enhanced or reduced line of sight to the other chimpanzee were constructed. Given the established roles between the two, it was expect the subordinate…

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  • Chimpanzee Human Evolution

    The evolution of human beings has been a major research area with controversy being whether human beings evolved from the chimpanzee. Based on various theories and research reports that have been presented, scientists believe that a common ancestor to humans existed about 5 to 8 million years ago (Drake, 2015). It is believed that humans evolved from the modern apes such as the gorillas and the chimpanzees more than the monkeys. In the quest to find out the real answers regarding the origin of…

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  • Similarities Between Chimpanzee And Bonobos

    two million years ago when the Congo River formed (Prufer, 2012). While the separation between the Homo and Pan lineages occurred some time ago, their genetic makeup, social interactions, and reproductive patterns create for a strong link between the three species. Humans, chimpanzees, and bonobos are alike in many ways, both in body and behavior. It is their DNA, though, that allowed scientists to discover how closely related the species actually are. Humans share roughly 99% of their DNA…

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  • Chimpanzee Persuasive Essay

    The intelligent and aggressive species known as the chimpanzee is recognized as the most closely related animal to humans in the world. At one time it was believed that gorillas and chimps were the most closely related, until new technologies were developed resulting in the finding that humans share a massive 99% of our DNA with these creatures. Chimpanzees are classified in the genus known as Pan, along with the species bonono, but not with humans. Humans are classified in their own genus known…

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  • Chimpanzee And Human Behavior Analysis

    I find the study of Chimpanzee and Human behaviour to be a very fascinating subject. Primatology is a field of study that helps us understand many different aspects of how primate’s function and how we are able to compare it to how human’s behaviour and social skills adapt and develop much differently in society. The article I read focuses on this specific topic and shows us how humans and apes develop different social skills from a young age. Even though chimpanzees are our closest living…

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  • Evolutionary Relationship Between Chimpanzee And Bonobo

    The chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and the bonobo (Pan paniscus) are the two closest living relatives of humans. While, bonobos and chimpanzees are very similar to each other, they also differ in many significant ways. However, in some ways they resemble more closely to humans than to each other. For example, chimpanzee males are much more aggressive and violent, especially when competing for a mate or a rank within the group. This violence can be lethal. In their communities, male to male bonds…

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  • Human Vs Chimpanzee Culture Analysis

    Anthropologists proposed two definitions for culture. These two definitions are polar opposites from each other. According to the article “The second inheritance system of chimpanzees and humans” by Andrew Whitman, one defines culture as a solid blockade among human beings and creatures. (Whitman, 2005). According to the “ Culture a Golden Barrier Between Human and Chimpanzee?” by Christophe Boesch, the second defines culture as a creatures living in the community emasculating actions. My…

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