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  • Argumentative Essay On Informatic Cancer

    cancer patients in an immediate manner. As a physician, I could alleviate the pain they have to endure, use my knowledge to help them achieve remission and perhaps even develop new treatment options. Having spent my early years in China, I grew up with both Western medicine that my parents practiced and Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been passed down for thousands of years. When I got sick, I took painkillers and antibiotics alongside herbal medicine. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, diseases are thought to be due to imbalances of the life energy force qi. While it has curative treatments, such as acupuncture and acupressure, a vital part of Traditional Chinese medicine is eating a balanced diet as well as meditating and exercising. I can 't speak to the effectiveness of its treatments, but I have always felt a greater emphasis on promoting a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. My upbringing meant that I was exposed to and more importantly can appreciate that there are different approaches to medicine and healing. I moved to the US when I was eleven years old. Having immigrated at a relatively young age, I quickly become bilingual in both English and Chinese. Being fluent in two languages makes it easier for me to not only communicate with a larger number of people but also form deeper connections through a common language. I had the opportunity to experience and understand two seemingly very different cultures, whose differences and similarities have only…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

    it could set a precedent and open the door to allow the legalization of other drugs. The second group is in favor of legalization, but with restrictions on who would be allowed to purchase and use the substance. The third group is in favor of legalization without any restrictions at all. No matter someone’s stance on the subject, the debate of legalizing of marijuana warrants discussion because the issue is much bigger than simply making the substance legal or not. Some background is needed…

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  • Importance Of Morality In The Euthyphro Dilemma

    deciding how many of our beliefs should be based off faith, these specific beliefs should never contradict evidence and therefore places beliefs based off epistemic and evidential qualities as higher than beliefs based off of pure emotional reasons. Searle argues that strong artificial intelligence, where a programmed computer would exhibit genuine mental properties and understanding, is impossible to create. Searle proposes the Chinese Room Thought experiment where…

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  • The Turing Test: What Does It Accomplish?

    The Turing Test: What Does it Accomplish? The growth of technology over the past several decades has brought about immense inquiry regarding the intelligence, awareness, and consciousness of computers and other forms of technology. From the Jetsons, and Star Wars, to iRobot and Westworld, society has been enthralled with the potentiality of computers possessing human-like qualities; or even having the ability to think on their own. Decades before the growth of technology and the development…

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  • Confucius: The Ideal Man

    Confucius’ goal was to bring people a respect for the teachings of past generations and a virtuous way of life. After his death, many of his disciples came together to a put together a book of some of their dialogues and his statements called the Analects. Within the text, Confucius continually brings up this ideal person known as the perfect gentleman. This ideal of a gentleman is a very important concept in Confucianism and throughout Chinese history, having both a moral and political…

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  • The Role Of Media In Chinese Society

    Media plays a very significant role in people’s everyday lives. Why media is so important in Chinese society? Perhaps the media can instruct each individual person of what is going on around the world, it is a very important role that help informs people about news, history, entertainment, music, and politics, which is used as a form of communication and obtaining knowledge from expertise. Certainly, most media are likely to provide accurate information to the people. Over the pass couples of…

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  • Similarities Between Legalism And Confucianism

    Confucianism was originated by Confucius, an ancient Chinese philosopher, and was then championed by both Mencius and Xunzi. During the same time period roughly, Shang Yang and Shen Buhai developed a new ideological system known as Legalism. Both philosophies found popularity in ancient China, though they hold very different ideals. At first glance, the ancient Chinese philosophies Confucianism and Legalism seem to be polar opposites in regards to government, education, and social relationships.…

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  • Eunuch Essay

    The Rise of Eunuchs in the Middle of Confucianism The Ming Dynasty witnessed the highest point of the eunuch system and its political influence in the Chinese government during the 15th century. The eunuch system was the system where castrated men were responsible for carrying out assignments as servant for the Chinese emperor and government officers in the palace, also known as Ceremonial Directors in the Ming court (Scholz 129). Despite the conflict against traditional Confucianism, which was…

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  • Ban Zhao's Lessons For Women In Ancient China

    her piece, I underwent the impression that she was an honorable woman who did not want to disgrace her family. The text tells us that Ban Zhao married at 14 years old (which at the time was normal) and wanted to be a good wife according to her Confucian beliefs. In fact, Ban Zhao was the most recognized and the strongest Confucian woman of the age of Han. "Lessons for Women" was written in ancient China, more specifically, during the Han Dynasty. During this time, many of the people were farmers…

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  • The American Dream A Myth Of Meritocracy Analysis

    Mahajan also describes the racism Chinese immigrants endured, “Chinese were called, at various times, ‘rats,’ ‘beasts,’ and ‘swine.’ The president of the American Federation of Labor said that the presence of the Chinese in America was a matter of “Meat vs. Rice—American Manhood vs Asiatic Coolieism.” This political reaction to Asian Americans would then influence other federal laws, such as the Gentleman’s Agreement of 1907, which allowed for the cease of Japanese immigration to America. All…

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