China's Overpopulation Problem

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Brogan O’Connor
Abraham Lincoln once said that “you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. The global population kept growing since last few decades, which cause a series problems. China is first identified when talking about the overpopulation problem. Just like honest Abe stated, China has to take action to control their growing numbers. Yet for them, the future holds a continuation of destruction and demise that overpopulation has already wrought on the people.
The Chinese economy has been hit and almost sunk by the invisible shots fired by overpopulation because of its sudden lack in resources. As the people go about living their daily live they do not notice that about “one billion people, that
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For the Chinese, “meeting the health and long-term care needs of this growing elderly population will result in soaring healthcare costs and with a shrinking working-age population to help pay the bill” (Adolescence). It is one problem after another with overpopulation in China. The health care system to help the elderly within China is diminishing because they do not have the funds. With the collapsing economy, the funds will never be their in order to help anyone. That means that more and more people who depend on health care to live will start to die off quickly. However in trying to combat that death issue, “medical coverage has been extended to include birth insurance and workers compensation for mothers who follow China’s birth policies” (Adolescence). This is a start to fixing the problem, yet with no money to fund the health care system it will only be temporary. The lack of money leads to a lack of service and off drugs necessary for the ill. But as state before the care will only be temporary, and “data from the Pan Project for Family Health collected in 2004, indicates that only 50% of women… will receive postpartum care after birth of their last child, indicating poor follow-up in gynaecological management of women” (Culture, Health & Sexuality). The projects data clearly states that women after giving birth do not receive the medical care they need. Thus enforcing the point that because of the Chinese economic situation, the health care will fade until in is almost non existent. Since many people in China have nothing like health care to lose, they begin take what they need

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