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  • The Impact Of The Caste System And Confucianism

    Originally, Caste system classified into four levels: Brahmans, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shdras. Brahmans symbolized the highest status of priests. Kshatriyas was the status of warriors. Vaisyas expressed merchants and commoners. Shdras indicated peasants, and laborers (Jordan, 2014). The four levels of caste system first came out from the composition of the Rig Veda in around 1000 B.C.E. The system were developed by Aryas who expanded to India and reject the original structures of Vedic…

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  • Lingyin Temple Case Study

    The view from Lingyin Temple As one of the most reputable temples in Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple shares profound culture and magnificent views, it locates at the foot of Lingyin mountain, the south of the Yangtze River. It is initially built at AD 326, which has the history over 1,700 years. it is surrounded by beautiful natural views. It is also one of the most well-known ten Buddhism temples in China and the symbol of Hangzhou. Nowadays, this Buddhist holy site attracts millions of tourists from…

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  • The Importance Of English Writing In Vietnamese Culture

    Through its course of a long history, Vietnam has successfully resisted not only the Chinese over-a-thousand-year domination but also the invasions of two Western powers, namely France and America. Under the Chinese rule, assimilation was inevitable that, like many other Asian countries, the culture of Vietnam is considerably influenced by its Chinese counterpart, as reflected in many aspects of life such as educational system, literature and social norms (Nguyen, 2002; Le, 2011). Huyen (2002)…

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  • Similarity Between Chinese And Indian Culture

    Similarities and dissimilarities between Chinese and Indian Culture - Posemsetty Padma Lakshmi Naga Apoorva 20131070 Chinese is analogous to Indian Culture in many ways. I reached to this conclusion because of the many similarities I found throughout the course. First we learnt about how the Chinese believed the earth was formed how their life started from a seed and after this being kept on going and separated the sky and the land and then the snake like goddess created human beings. Even…

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  • Three Philosophies Of Confucianism, Daoism, And Legalism

    women did not have names. Women really had no legal rights. The social class structurein ancient China was very important. Chinese people believed that people were expected to behave according to their social position. This belief was reinforced by the Chinese philosopher Confucius, he taught strict social order and the discipline was the key to a successful society. Also the Chinese believed that elders should receive with respect and manner. Beneath the emperor there was 6 main social classes…

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  • Yangmingtan Bridge Case Study Solution

    Consider these reasons, Chinese truck drivers always choose to take more cargo than legal provisions. So when designers design the bridge, this situation should definitely take into consideration. However, in this case, even if the design load was double the standard, it could make…

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  • The Importance Of Travel To Beijing

    If you apply for a tourist visa, a letter of invitation from Chinese relative or friend is necessary. In the absence of that letter, you will provide all details of your itinerary and intended trip, including the flight information and confirmed hotel reservations. Booking hotels in Beijing: You should book a room…

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  • Chinese Immigration Challenges

    Chinese immigrants post 1965 face difficulties when coming to America. Chinese immigrants can re-establish ethnic networks but the connected are mainly from strangers instead of family and friends who have the same background (475). One challenge is their connections and networking are disrupted. Those immigrants who is in the middle class and chose to live in white suburbs have difficulties connecting with people of their “kind” (475). The second challenge is things are different in family…

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  • Lu Xun Writing Style Analysis

    in Ten Words” represent that Chinese citizens have no rights to speak for themselves due to the low level of living environment and corrupted government’s policies also called dictatorship. In both of their works, they seem have nothing similar because they are talking about two completely different things according to their experience, background, and what they had suffered, nevertheless, these are the reasons why they speak for mainland China because so many Chinese citizens are not satisfied…

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  • Hong Xiuquan's Taiping Rebellion

    Taiping rebellion was a cruel and merciless war lasted for 14 years during the middle of the 18th century of China. The leader Hong Xiuquan was the son of a farmer and desiring success under the ruling of Qing. However, he eventually decided to fight against Qing imperial force after four times of failure in the imperial civil examination. He dreamed that he is the son of God and came the under the influence of Christian missionaries. He believed that his destiny is to save the people from…

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