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  • Taoism And Confucianism

    some of the practices in Buddhism and Confucianism; the three philosophies and religions share some of the same practices, for example, ancestor worship. Ancestor worship, also known as veneration of the dead, is a form of ritual practice by many Chinese people. This ritual is also embraced in Africa, Egypt, and Rome; in such countries, ancestor worship is held differently due to the different cultural backgrounds, however, the main idea of this practice is to honor and respect family members…

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  • Chinese Exceptionalism Analysis

    This essay seeks to provide an answer to the question, is Chinese foreign policy exceptional. There are convincing arguments linking Chinese society with the notion of exceptionalism. Foot (2010, 129) points to claims of exceptionalist tendencies based on a long history of civilisation, specifically the concept of honour permeating through ideas of the tribute system, and the strong Han cultural identity. The case for an exceptional Chinese foreign policy lies with this use and potential misuse…

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  • The Influence Of Clothing In China

    times through the dynasty itself. The Chinese resume the necessities of life within four words: clothing, food, habitation and transportation. Clothing is placed first for the Chinese, which represents the most important part of one’s daily routine. The characteristics of Chinese clothing can be resumed by: the vivid colors, the refined artisanship, and the decorations of the ornaments. The styles of clothing may differ from one nation to another. Ordinary Chinese wore basic clothes made of…

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  • The Western Wing Analysis

    This paper will discuss how The Story of the Western Wing, The Peony Pavilion, and The Peach Blossom Fan all share a common theme in which a young woman defy the social constraints and expectations imposed upon her by society in order to live a life on her own terms. The Story of the Western Wing was written during the Yuan Dynasty and during this time period, Confucianism teachings shaped the political and social structure of the society. Confucianism established several expectations for women…

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  • The New Chinese America Summary

    Xiaojian Zhao in The New Chinese America explores the emergence of a new social hierarchy through the scope of the historical, economic, and social foundations of the Chinese American community. The new social hierarchy was revealed after the 1965 Immigration Act. Zhao gathered her information through a variety of methods including census statistics, archival material and a wide collection of oral histories and face-to-face interviews. She uses class analyses to shed light on the difficulties in…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of In-Adaptation Of International Students

    care about they pass or fail, and an objective issue of different teachers’ rating of the ESL students’ English writing should not be ignored. As the report of Shi (2008), in her article Native- and nonnative-speaking EFL teachers’ evaluation of Chinese students’ English writing, she points out that native and nonnative EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers could evaluate students’ writing differently: The analysis of the qualitative comments suggest that NES (native-English-speaker)…

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  • Ethnic Identity Research Paper

    denied, which forced the Kurds to adopt another language, which made the preservation of their ethnic identity difficult (Withman, 1993: 37). An ethnic group can also actively change aspects of their ethnicity. This happened in the 1960’s when the Hausa traders in Nigeria converted en masse to a Stufi sect called Tijaniyya to justify a separate Hausa quarter (Joirnema, 2003: 38). A particular part of an ethnic identity or the identity as whole can bet strengthened or weakened or parts can get…

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  • Personal Narrative: Helping Hard To Face With Challenges

    stories about my name. Before I came here, I got in touch with my roommate and told her that she can call me my English name if she considered it hard to articulate my Chinese name. But she told me she really wanted to learn how to read it and call me using my real name. Later I asked another friend whether she thought pronouncing my Chinese name to be a little inconvenient, but she answered without hesitation that she was willing to call me my real name—everyone could practice to pronounce it…

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  • Amy Tan Tow Kinds Analysis

    “You could be anything you want to be in America”… this is the main ideology that many immigrant parents hope for their children’s futures. This hope would turn into a major conflict that characterize the short story Tow Kinds, written by Ammy Tan. In the story, the main character 's mother, Suyuan, tries hard to find the wright way that would lid to her daughter success. She strongly believes that her daughter, Jing, would be someone very famous and important only because she lives in America.…

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  • Language And Literacy

    Language and Literacy for teachers Assessment 1 Thesis A child’s language development is intertwined with all other areas of their development and therefore it plays an integral role in their cognitive and intellectual growth. Introduction Language is an abstract set of principles that specify the relationship between a sequence of sounds and a sequence of meanings. Everyday life constitutes and intrinsic part of the way language is used. Any communication between people is in a social…

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