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  • Essay On Daodejing Culture

    Introduction The Daodejing or the Tao Te Ching, the work of the ancient Chinese sage Lao Tzu or Laozi dates back to the late 6th century BC according to some counts and to the late 4th century BC according to others. We can thus safely say that this “Book of the Way” was written in a period well before our times. However, when one reads the interpretations of this book by John Heider and other modern translators, one finds that the teachings are as relevant today as they were then, or, to be honest, more relevant today than they were then. In the 21st century, the most sought out trait in any individual, apart from communication, is the ability to be a leader. Leadership is an enigmatic quality and it is not possible to specify accurately what…

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  • Seinfeld And Non Action: The Philosophy Of Nothing Essay

    Seinfeld and Non Action: the Philosophy of Nothing One of the best Kanye West tweets is “I want to publicly apologize to Seinfeld, I used to think it was a show about nothing but then I realized it’s a show about everything”. Jerry Seinfeld and Laozi hold plenty of similarities. This paper will identify the similarities between Seinfeld and Daoism theoretically, with examples from the show to back it up. It will also explore how western culture has unknowingly embraced some Daoist concepts,…

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  • Eastern Philosophy: The Four Eastern Philosophers

    mean the person who has the authority can treat the submissive the way they choose. For example, I respect and obey my father because he is my dad and he guides and financially and emotionally supports me. Even though my dad is in authority of our relationship, he’s still kind and loving towards me. My dad doesn’t treat me a certain way just because he has that authority to do so. My father still parents me, because that’s his job. So I think Kung Fu’s theory explains that in these relationships…

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  • The Philosophies Of Confucius And Lao Tzu

    It has been said that Confucius and Laozi, also known as Lao Tzu, are the greatest philosophers in the history of China. The impact of their philosophies on Chinese thought and culture has lasted thousands of years. Confucius and Laos’s philosophies helped to revolutionized a Chinese society in turmoil, bringing about cultural and religious revolution. It has been said that these two philosophical theories are a classic pair of opposites. Overall, it is clear that Confucianism and Daosim are two…

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  • Laozi In Daodejing Analysis

    life debates, with a diversity of perspectives that reflect time and culture. The earliest great thinkers include Kong Qiu 孔丘, who is more commonly referred to as Confucius; and Daoist sage, Lao Tzu 老子, commonly referred to as the Daodejing (Penny & Ryden, 2008). Here, intellect and logic combined to produce profound, guiding principles that have expanded beyond the Asian culture and remained as models of wisdom in disciplines of thought, behavior, and purpose throughout time. The Goudian Laozi,…

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  • Tao Of Pooh Chapter Summaries

    In 6th century BCE the philosphy of Doaism was first created by Laozi during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. Laozi believed that people could accomplish more in life by following Tao or “The Way”, which is the natural order of things. The guidance of following the path of least resistance to be successful is called Wu Wei or “non-action”. The Doadejing by Loazi and the Zhungzi by Zhungzi are traditional chinese texts that were used for Doaism teachings in the Eastern Zhou. Doaism teachings can also…

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  • Chinese And Confucian Analysis

    Confucian & Taoist Portrait of a Traditional Chinese Gentleman In examining the Confucian and Taoist ways of life, an image is created displaying how the ideal Chinese gentleman should be. These ancient Chinese styles of living clearly outline key virtues and principles that one should internalize in order to fulfill his or her spiritual duty. The Analects, written by Confucius, defines the superior man as one who strives for social harmony by renewing traditional ways of life in order to…

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  • Essay On Taoism

    Taoism, known as “The Way,” is the Eastern Philosophy and religion of Chinese. It focuses on the balance between humans and nature. It has many profound theories for which may be difficult to understand by the common person. The most basic concept is the Tao, which is based on three approaches to te or power. The first concept is the way of ultimate reality. According to Lao Tzu in his writing, Tao Te Ching, “The Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao” (198). The second concept is the way of…

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  • Summary Of Shuangzi's View Of Death

    Though Zhuangzi’s true thoughts on death (as on many things) are occasionally unclear and apparently contradictory (in some instances, he seems to regard death as something bad that should be avoided and a long, natural life as a positive, as is implied by the stories of Hundun and Crippled Shu [95, 61], while in most others he expresses the more accepting view of death I explore here), one view dominates throughout his work. That view is this: death is an unavoidable part of life, and we…

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  • Nature And Taoism

    The Influence of Nature on the Philosophy of Taoism In humanities great search for understanding the mysteries of life, mankind has created a number of religions that range from a minute following to a following of immeasurable proportions. Yet despite these billions of believers, the world still remains in a state of unrest. In ancient China, this period of unrest was referred to as “The Warring States period” which lasted from 480-221 BCE (Dr. Godshalk’s presentation on China). This period…

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