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  • How Did Early Civilizations Produce?

    Confucianism taught filial piety and respect for elders/ancestors. Confucianism was also used by the Chinese to create the civil service exams, which was the first bureaucracy based on merit rather than by social status. 9. Daoism was founded by Laozi. Daoism taught harmony, with no concept of a God. People who practiced Daoism typically rejected government involvement. 10. Christianity started from Judaism, Jesus Christ was the founder. Christianity was monotheistic and taught that Jesus was…

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  • Buddhism In China

    How Buddhism transformed in, and transformed Chinese Culture Throughout China’s history there has been many religious, philosophical, and social ideals that have been widely spread. Many of these, such as Confucianism and Daoism have their origins rooted within. However, one religion that sparks much interest is Buddhism. Buddhism is a foreign religion that spread throughout China and had major impacts on the culture, and at the same time, China had major influence on the development of…

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  • Cause Of Suffering-Enlightenment

    understanding, there are three type of philosophy, Western philosophy, Eastern philosophy (including middle eastern) and Modern philosophy. Plato, Aristotle, Socrates are famous western philosophers, Siddartha Gautama (as known as Buddha), Confucius, Sun Tyu, Laozi are famous eastern philosophers, And Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche are famous modern philosophers. (Hour, 2010) (, n.d.) However, there are many more famous philosophers…

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  • Confucius's Influence On Chinese Society

    During most Chinese dynasties, women had comparatively lower social status compared to men and did not enjoy the same rights. In fact, this situation might be a result of honoring and following the doctrines of traditional Chinese philosophical schools, which originally flourished in the Pre-Qin era. Although some schools of thoughts recognized the necessity of equality between men and women, most refused to acknowledge any such thing. The three important philosophical schools, Confucianism,…

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  • Supernatural In Ancient China

    Supernatural is a concept frequently used in society, yet is still a broadly misunderstood term. Traditionally supernatural is understood to be everything that is not considered natural, interpreted by things you can’t physically see such as magic and Gods. The supernatural is related to things or actions that can’t logically be explained. However in Ancient China, the supernatural was believed to be controlled by human destiny and nature. They also believed that ghosts inhabited the earth.…

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  • Divine Knowledge In Chinese Religion

    The Divine Knowledge in Chinese Religions Youteng Bi In no matter what religious traditions the discussion of divine knowledge is always an important topic, for it concerns the questions about the power of the divine. The discussion of the power of the divine often influences believers’ faith. In Abrahamic traditions, the discussion of the divine knowledge directly relates to the mighty of the God, thus many theologians in history devoted themselves to develop systematic theories on divine…

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  • John Locke The Pursuit Of Happiness Analysis

    John Locke (1632-1704) was a major English philosopher, whodevised the phrase ‘pursuit of happiness’, in his book An Essay Concerning Human Understanding.Greatly influenced by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, Locke distinguished between “imaginary happiness” and “true happiness”.Since God has given everyone the desire to trail the real bliss, majority of peoplestart a relentless search for it, but when they don’t get what they desire, they conclude they have been deprived of. On the other hand,…

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  • Aristotle Vs Confucius

    It is commonly considered that Ancient Greek is the origin and center of civilization in Europe, and China holds a similar position in East Asia. Aristotle played a significant role for Ancient Greek, and Confucius is highly emphasized in Ancient China. Many may think the two philosophies will confront each other as Europe and Eastern Asia have dissimilar historical development. The two views do have undeniable different views, but they are also comparable and supporting each other in some sense…

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  • Miranda's Article: The Misrepresentation Of Chinese Culture

    Jialiang Tian Professor: Perez ENG105B 27 November,2017 The Misrepresentation Of Chinese Culture After learning about the misrepresentation of Native Americans in Miranda’s article, I felt that there’re also some misrepresentations of my own culture groups. Nowadays, some Chinese culture misrepresented by people in other countries. In the essay, I will talk about three kinds of misrepresentation of Chinese culture. Due to the movie montage and some exaggerated shooting techniques, some…

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  • Women's Role In Daoism

    How do women in Daoism practice internal alchemy? Daoism is the indigenous religion of China. The school of Daoism is originated from the teachings of Laozi and Zhuangzi. The teaching and practice of Daoism emphasize living life in harmony with the Dao. Daoist teaching focuses on understanding the reality of nature, increasing longevity, and practicing immortality. Daoism is related to women in many different ways. Daoism provides alternatives for women in a Confucian-dominated society where…

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