Confucianism And Daoism

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The religion of Daoism began around 300 BCE in China by a writer named Laozi, though there has yet to be any real proof that a person named Laozi even existed in that time period (Lee). According to Jacob Lee he states that Daoism is, “A religious philosophy that emphasizes the Dao (“the Way”), or the unity of all things in the universe that cannot be resisted” (Lee). Basically the believe is that you have a force that is in the universe, that you cannot help but follow or going with what “the force” tells you. The religion of Daoism was the one of two major religions in the Chinese culture at this time (Lee). The main focus of the religion was that they focus on what nature is telling them and to not try and resist what nature is telling you …show more content…
However they were and still are considered religions based mainly in the Chinese culture. A lot of times people will tend to put Confucianism and Daoism in the same group because they are similar in the fact that they both will focus on the idea of nature. Daoism focuses on the forces in nature that you cannot help but go along with them. Confucianism is that you are focusing on the fact that one must understand the nature order of the universe and your place in it. The difference is that Daoism believes in the forces of nature and that you must follow those forces and Confucianism is that there is just a nature way that you are supposed to not that you listen to the forces. Both of these religions also state that by following their religious beliefs that you will be the happiest that you can be, but if you do not follow the beliefs or way of the religion that you will not be as happy as you could be. Daoism is all about following the forces of the universe so that you may be as happy as you can be in your life. Whereas Confucianism is when you believe that you are born to do well unto others, so in Daoism is all about thinking about yourself and Confucianism is all about thinking of the others around you and taking care of them. Both of these philosophies are that philosophies, but when it comes to Daoism some to it as a philosophy and some of the people could view Daoism as a religion to follow. In the end though both of these viewpoints were the two main religions or philosophies of this time

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