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  • Tao Te Ching Analysis

    Many of the poems from the Tao Te Ching and the Hua Hu Jing touch on the practice of wuwei. There can actually be examples of all three, humility, compassion and frugality found with in some of them. A lot of these concepts can come across as deep and cryptic, but when you get down to it and begin to understand them and break them down, they can be summed up to the three basic teachings stated above. Chapter two of the Tao Te Ching is among the chapters that stood out to me the most. I found it challenging to work out in my mind but once I did, the outcome was satisfying to me. “As soon as beauty is known to the world as beautiful, it becomes ugly.” This open line speaks volumes about human nature. It is basically stating that once a price…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Eeyore's The Tao Of Pooh

    statement a feeling of finality, as if the idea that there will always be a distinct detachment from those who are and those who don’t. Additionally, phrases like “That’s all there is to it”, are usually used after explaining a simple or easy concept, but here is forces a simplistic aspect to almost dumb down the complexity of what is actually being said. Milne uses the same phrase throughout the book as a method to disguise and weave in the bigger and deeper messages throughout the book. The…

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  • Tao Te Ching Values

    Under constant pressure striving for perfection, modern Americans rarely stop to evaluate the values they deem important in life today. Americans forget what they as an individual want out of life because of the chaos and stress experienced in the world around them. Western civilization rarely stops to think of the important values in life or actions perpetrated before execution. American’s base this conduct from the mindset of continual growth; always pressing to keep moving forward in life…

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  • Tao Te Ching Passage 2 Analysis

    Tao Te Ching book is filled with mini lessons of life. It was an enjoyable, quick read, and something that I was able to take a lot from because the passages contained practical writings of wisdom for the modern day person. Because the passages varied topics, the following paper will be written with the same notion. The first stanza of passage 2, to me, explained that each persons’ view point is different (“…people see some things a beautiful, other things become ugly…”); however, each view…

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  • Heaven In Confucianism

    Essay 1: The Idea of Heaven in Confucianism Starting in the early period of Chinese history, “ Heaven ” had already become one of the core ideas of Chinese culture. Not only is it a physical location, but also a symbol of regulating. People believe that whatever happens on earth, Heaven will always be watching over and evaluating. In this way, people have fate. For Confucius, Heaven is more about ethical assets. If people follow the appropriate moral order, then they would be on their…

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  • Daodejing Themes

    The Daodejing we read is the first book of two. This book focuses on the Way while the second book focuses on Virtue. In this first book there are thirty-seven chapters. Each chapter is its own lesson and contains a meaning separate and independent from the other chapters. The first book has some themes that each of these chapters fall under: the Dao, nothingness, non-desiring, nature as a model, wuwei-nonaction, and knowledge and value. The Daodejing has three parts to this word; Dao means Way,…

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  • Tao Of Pooh Chapter Summaries

    century BCE the philosphy of Doaism was first created by Laozi during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. Laozi believed that people could accomplish more in life by following Tao or “The Way”, which is the natural order of things. The guidance of following the path of least resistance to be successful is called Wu Wei or “non-action”. The Doadejing by Loazi and the Zhungzi by Zhungzi are traditional chinese texts that were used for Doaism teachings in the Eastern Zhou. Doaism teachings can also be found…

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  • Confucianism And Daoism

    and resist what nature is telling you (Lee). The author Jacob Lee used a quote from The Book of the Way and its Virtue by Tao Te Ching saying that, “The Dao that can be told is not the eternal Dao; The name that can be named is not the eternal name.” (Lee). The author states that when speaking of the Dao that a lot of times that is referred to in sentences that do not make sense (Lee). There are also three other concepts that go along with the concept of Daoism. The three concepts are Qi, yin…

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  • Summary Of The Tao Of Pooh

    The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff For my first journal activity, I chose to read The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff. At first, it seemed intimidating to read a book about a religion that was unfamiliar to me. Once I realized it is told using Winnie-the-Pooh, I was less anxious. The Tao of Pooh is a book that was written in the 1980’s, using Winnie-the-Pooh characters to explain the values and beliefs of Chinese Taoism. After reading this book, I can say that I learned a lot about Taoism. In…

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  • Tao Of Reading And Writing Essay

    The Tao of Reading and Writing: Written Word as a Tool for Self Development I do not consider myself a religious person, in that I don’t feel wholly aligned to a single religious doctrine or school of thought. Life is too complex to be fully encompassed by only one set of values and doctrines, and whoever claims to solely know it all displays how little they actually know. One religious school of thought which has struck a chord with me however, is the Chinese concept of Taoism. The Tao, roughly…

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