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  • The Universe Research Paper

    23. What Are THE BASIC ENERGIES OF THE UNIVERSE? • The Whole Universe, everything beyond ‘I’s, CONSISTS of Matter or Energies. The Sum of All Energies in The Universe is CONSTANT or ETERNAL. However, the combinations or ‘transformations’ of various Energies are TEMPORAL. • For the ‘I’ in order to CREATE, MANIFEST & EXPERIENCE a ‘gateway’ to the world of energies is needed. THE CREATIVE POWER or as Martinus calls it - 7th basic energy or THE ETERNAL UNMANIFESTED ‘MOTHER’ ENERGY SPLITS UP The Invisible Wholeness, releases, regulates, and guides the energies, into SIX ZONES OF SENSORY ACCESSIBLE ‘PLANES of EXISTENCES’. In each of the zones ONE ENERGY IS IN CULMINATION TWO ARE ON ASCENDING COURSE, TWO ON DESCENDING COURSE AND ONE IS LATENT. THAT WAY THE COSMIC SYMMETRY IS MAINTENANED. THE CREATIVE POWER is like the invisible wind that creates waves on a lake surface – turns ‘no movement’ into movement; like a PRISM which splits an invisible WHITE LIGHT INTO FULLY VISIBLE COLORS SPECTRUM. • The BASIC ENERGIES are the following: INSTINCT / Habitual Consciousness / a Remnant of Past now degenerated ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, which after inner memory function dominates in ‘Minerals’ (anything from fiery stage to crystalized ice formations), second in influence in animals after ‘Energy of Expansion’ (per example, in migratory birds flying…

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  • Essay On The Creation Of The Universe

    Perhaps one of the most puzzling questions throughout modern history is how the universe came to be. When discussing the creation of the universe and humanity, it becomes rather difficult to have the ability to defend one’s own beliefs, regardless of how correct they believe themselves to be. Proponents of theories that involve naturally caused reasons for the creation of the universe are those who appear to have the most empirical and practical evidence. Completed studies and observations over…

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  • Symbolism In Journey Of The Universe

    The universe has undergone a long and arduous transformation from its beginning. A simple explosion of dust led to the creation of everything. This transformation resulted in the creation of millions of cosmic entities such as stars and galaxies. As incredible as the creation of these celestial beings are, there is something more exciting that it created; us. Along with these collections of stars and dust, comes the planet Earth and its ability to create and foster life. In the book Journey of…

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  • Mythological Universe In The Lord Of The Rings

    What sort of mythological universe is presented in the work? The Lord of the Rings is set in the fictional world of Middle Earth. In a mythological sense, it can be viewed as myths of the events that took place before human history. Throughout the films, an aura of myth and reminiscence is maintained. It starts off in the Shire with a bright and casual tone, and moves into a more dark and serious tone as the fellowship branches out into more dangerous parts of the world. Middle Earth is…

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  • Universe Observation Essay

    To humans who live on Earth, we perceive Earth as a large mass of land that has been around for about 4.6 billion years. But the Earth is only a small part of what makes up the Universe. Earth is located in the Milky Way Galaxy, and contains billions of stars, which is only a small fraction of the 100 billion galaxies. While the Universe has been around for roughly 13.82 billion years, everyday we learn more and more about the complexities that were once hidden from us. One of the main things…

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  • The Earth And The Universe In Hesiod's Theogony

    and the Universe: First of all, Hesiod’s Theogony (circa. 700 BC) is a written source explaining the connections between the gods, goddesses and these immortal beings are the embodiment respective parts of the earth and universe. Hesiod explains that in the beginning there was only Chaos and then came Gaea, the broad earth who supports Mt Olympus and at its core, Tartarus. From Gaea came Uranus, the sky and stars and together they bore the titans and titanesses and the monsters. As Hesiod…

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  • The Big Bang Theory: Origin Of The Universe

    origin of the universe that has largely been accepted by scientists, however it is not one hundred percent correct as modifications of the theory is continuously being developed as new discoveries, observations and calculations are being made. In the beginning in the universe, there was nothing, no space, no matter, no light, no time and no sound. Then there was a sudden explosion of energy which we now call the Big Bang. But there was no BANG as there was no sound and no matter thrown out, as…

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  • Corduan's Essay: The Infinite Universe

    The Infinite Universe Winfried Corduan argues that unless there is a God, there could not be any world. He attempts to beat this criticism by clarifying a premise and conclusion to the Cosmological Argument, using metaphysics. In this paper, I will prove this argument fails at explaining the creation of our universe. Reading through Corduan’s essay, has actualized a potential in my brain. I now truly realize that Winfried Corduan is actually an expert on the actualization of potentials. At…

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  • COMPOSITION Of The Universe In The United States

    COMPOSITION OF UNIVERSE As we know, the Universe comprises of space, time and everything perceived to exist physically including all forms of matter and energy and interaction going on between them. Space and time are two basic correlates of universe. In these correlates there is matter and energy scattered around. There is interaction going on between matters, energies and between matter and energy on account of endless processes. These processes are governed by universal laws as explained in…

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  • The Universe Next Door Analysis

    “The Universe Next Door” by James Sire provides insight into the various opposing worldviews society faces today. Beginning with the Pre-Modern thoughts that believe in God’s existence, spanning to the Modern view placing matter in the center of reality, and concluding with the Postmodern thoughts which deny the existence of reality. Throughout the semester we have discussed several of these viewings of the world, noting some views appear to be more practical than others. With the use of…

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