The Universe Research Paper

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• The Whole Universe, everything beyond ‘I’s, CONSISTS of Matter or Energies. The Sum of All Energies in The Universe is CONSTANT or ETERNAL. However, the combinations or ‘transformations’ of various Energies are TEMPORAL.
• For the ‘I’ in order to CREATE, MANIFEST & EXPERIENCE a ‘gateway’ to the world of energies is needed. THE CREATIVE POWER or as Martinus calls it - 7th basic energy or THE ETERNAL UNMANIFESTED ‘MOTHER’ ENERGY SPLITS UP The Invisible Wholeness, releases, regulates, and guides the energies, into SIX ZONES OF SENSORY ACCESSIBLE ‘PLANES of EXISTENCES’. In each of the zones ONE ENERGY IS IN CULMINATION TWO ARE ON ASCENDING COURSE, TWO ON DESCENDING COURSE AND ONE IS LATENT. THAT WAY THE COSMIC SYMMETRY IS MAINTENANED. THE CREATIVE POWER is like the invisible wind that creates waves on a lake surface – turns ‘no movement’ into movement; like a PRISM which splits an invisible WHITE LIGHT INTO FULLY VISIBLE COLORS SPECTRUM.
• The BASIC ENERGIES are the following: INSTINCT / Habitual Consciousness / a Remnant of Past now degenerated ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, which after inner memory function dominates in ‘Minerals’ (anything from fiery stage to crystalized ice formations), second in influence in animals after ‘Energy of Expansion’ (per example, in migratory birds flying
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When ‘man-made’ science measures the physical Universe they can keep doing it forever – boundaries do not exist. The limits appear when an individual ‘crosses’ the boundary of own mezzo-cosmos - CANNOT take its body or artificial tool to, per example, another remote planet and experience it directly as it does this planet Earth. The further sensing of that planet must take place in a spiritual way - the "world of thought". The ideas about IT are usually NOT RIGHT. This is first primitive stage of meeting the Concepts of ‘Eternity’ & ‘Infinity’ as a NEW

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