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  • Case Study: Loyola University Chicago

    Loyola University Chicago is a Jesuit institution that promotes caring for others, caring for one’s self, and caring for the community. It is one of Loyola’s foundational aspect of caring for the community that has made the requirement of engaged learning a part of the curriculum. Since the Fall of 2012, Loyola has required its students to go out into the world and obtain hands-on experience in different sorts of fields. One may accomplish this through an internship course, or a class combined with an engaged learning component. The purpose of engaged learning is to provide real-world, hands on experience that helps the student relate their subject material to life, and gain a more in-depth knowledge of the subject at hand. Thus, Loyola hopes…

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  • The Importance Of Attending The University Of Chicago

    as many advanced/honors courses as possible became the norm. So, attending a university that could continue to challenge me was always a no-brainer, which is why I want to attend the University of Chicago. The challenge behind the University of Chicago is not simply in its classwork, it is in the university 's determination to teach its students how to think. Never…

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  • Why I Chose Chicago University

    The motto of the University of Chicago, in English, means “Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched,” and to me, the idea behind that message makes up a great deal of the allure of the University of Chicago. Expanding my knowledge and further enriching my life are two of my greatest goals, and the University of Chicago embodies those ideals like no other university can. Through the variety of excellent, easily accessible opportunities in the city of Chicago and the top…

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  • Chipotle Bowl Thesis

    Empty stomach, empty mind. Like a brimming bowl of Chipotle, a University of Chicago education is customizable, satisfying, and hearty. The familiar amalgamation of rice and beans, meat and vegetables is the essence of any Chipotle product. This delicious bowl, however, is flexible: whether it be mild, medium, or hot, every single bowl will always contain a type of salsa. These broad categories (meat, beans, salsa) diverge into a variety of options (carnitas, sofritas, pinto, black),…

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  • Grace College Chapel Rhetorical Analysis

    Last week, I attend Grace College chapel. In order further my communication skills I analyzed the audience and speaker at this chapel. Caleb Yoder was speaking. The first thing I analyzed was the demographic factors of the audience. Chapel is made up college students typically from the age seventeen to twenty-four. The school is made up of about sixty-five percent female and thirty-five male. Grace College is a christian school that has its roots in the Grace Brethren denomination; however, the…

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  • My Trip To High School Research Paper

    I was just starting high school and my family had already started pressuring me about college and what I wanted to do in life. Within that chaos there was one thing that really had me intrigued, and it was my uncle telling me about the University of Illinois. He was the first person in my family to attend a University and I would soon be the second. Throughout my years in high school he’d always try to persuade me to go to this school by telling me stories of his time there along with the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of 2016 Olympics

    city of Chicago, Illinois, made a bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Although they came close to victory, the International Olympic Commission (IOC) awarded the hosting rights to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, while Chicago was knocked out in the first round of voting (“Rio to host 2016 Olympics,” 2009). It was a memorable win for South America as Rio became their first city to ever host an Olympics. In contrast, Chicago’s loss left its own inhabitants with some mixed feelings. While many…

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  • Michelle Obama

    born on July 4,1998 and Sasha was born on june 4,2001- sasha’s real name is Natasha),and married the 44th president of the united states of america. She went to harvard.How did she become famous:She became famous for the broMichelle LaVaughn Robinson was born on January 17, 1964, in Chicago, Illinois, to parents Marian and Fraser Robinson. Although Fraser’s modest pay as a city-pump operator led to cramped living in their South Shore bungalow, the Robinsons were a close-knit family, with…

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  • Essay On Ruth Duckworth

    Earth, Water, and Sky was Duckworth's first mural which she created for the University of Chicago in 1968. It was a milestone for her career because it was an 11 foot, 9 inch tall mural made entirely of clay. Another well known piece of her's is Clouds Over Lake Michigan. This 9 foot tall, 27 foot wide mural was constructed in 1976 for the German Dresdner Bank's branch in Chicago. This piece is important because it represents Duckworth's abstract style, mixed with the image of clouds over an…

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  • World's Columbian Exposition Of 1893 Analysis

    extreme contradiction. The unmatched cultural advancement was accompanied by intense economic unrest. While this decade saw the rise of cities, advanced technology, and rollercoasters, it also saw economic depressions, the invention of detection, and the birth of America’s serial killer. The World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 highlights the contradictions of United States culture, the same culture that brought us innovativeness and hope and the one that brought fear and panic. This paper will…

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