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  • What I Learned When I Caught Shoplifting Essay

    am writing this essay as punishment for actions I did over this last summer. I was caught shoplifting from Walmart on Forest Drive. Not only was I caught shoplifting, but I was caught shoplifting the most embarrassing thing possible: candy. Ever since then, I have had a sour taste that no amount of sugar can fix. I learned an important lesson that day, and that would be that stealing (even from a major corporation) is bad and you lose more money than it is worth. South Carolina has two types of theft, petit and grand larceny. Petit larceny, is the lowest-level offense and is the illegal possession of another’s property or services that are estimated to be worth $2,000 at most. Petty theft is another name for petit larceny and is a misdemeanor under state law. Grand larceny is when the value of property stolen is more than $2,000 and is a felony offense. This unlawful action can be broken…

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  • Juvenile Justice Case Summary

    Erion Sakarr Williams was on level four parole supervision prior to his death on October 1, 2016. He was released from the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) on May 2, 2016. He was committed to DJJ on March 5, 2015, on the charge of violation of probation with the following underlying charges of assault and battery against family member, brandishing a firearm, grand larceny, and possession of a firearm by a minor. He was also committed to DJJ on March 30, 2015, for assault and battery on law…

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  • Cyber Theft Research Paper

    The technological advance that is moving us towards a more globalized society, is computers. Computers have had a significant impact on globalizing the world. There are many benefits of computers such as communication and helping improve medical science. At the same time, there are many potential negative impacts such as cyber theft and loss of jobs. Overall, I believe the positives of computers far outweigh the negative impacts of computers. First of all, computers have had a huge…

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  • Auto Thefts

    As I searched journals and websites for material on the research involving auto thefts, I found very few articles. In fact, according to one author, motor vehicle thefts are the number one under-researched part one crime (Jeffrey Walsh, 2007). In this same article studies indicate auto thefts are linked to community structure, instability and surrounding crime (Jeffrey Walsh, 2007). The author theorizes the reason for the lack of research is the crime itself creates little effect on most…

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  • Relationships In The Book Thief

    In the novel The Book Thief, Markus Zuzak conveys the theme that over time relationships can grow to be very significant in one's life. He reveals this truth with the use of symbolism, point of view, and character development. Relationships are significant because they shape you into your future self. Losing these relationships could mean creating a more independent version of yourself or losing yourself altogether. In "The Book Thief" character development links with the creation and…

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  • Larceny: The Four Types Of Property Crime

    Property crime is the next category of general crime that includes among other crimes burglary (into shop, house or flat, also called breaking and entering and sometimes housebreaking), theft, larceny, shoplifting, pickpocketing, fraud, forgery, embezzlement, receiving stolen property, motor vehicle theft and unauthorized use of a vehicle. The term theft is sometimes used synonymously with larceny. Theft, however, is actually a broader term, encompassing many forms of deceitful taking of…

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  • Crime In Lynn Rossellini's The High Life Of Crime

    stealth techniques to avoid detection. As stated above, by breaking into a home and taking valuable items, Nordahl commits both burglary and larceny. Larry Siegel, author of Criminology (the primary reference text for this essay) explains burglary as, “The unlawful entry into a structure to commit theft or felony” (Siegel 384) and Larceny as, “acts in which one person took for his or her own use the property of another” (Siegel 374). It is important to differentiate between the two.…

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  • Essay On Forgery And Counterfeiting

    The two drivers as well as the owner of the desk broke a series of laws. In order to prove a criminal offense there must be Mens Rea, mental intent required to carry out crime, as well as Actus Reus, the physical act itself. Driver 1 is guilty of Unlawful Appropriation and Larceny from the person. Driver 2 is guilty of Assault with intent to commit specified felonies, Unlawful Appropriation, and Larceny from the person. The owner is guilty of Forgery and Counterfeiting. Forgery and…

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  • Double Jeopardy Claims In Fatal Shooting Case

    make the law for all situations. It was brought down from England, and the Founding Fathers decided it was a right that was necessary for the people. The right to Double Jeopardy is a basic human right that people deserve to have in order to stop the government from taking over one's life. There are many court cases that have to do with Double Jeopardy; the Benton v. Maryland court case is a great example of what Double Jeopardy essentially is. The background of the court case was that…

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  • Four Amendments Of The Bill Of Rights Analysis

    Maryland, John Dalmer Benton was charged with burglary and larceny. The jury found him guilty of burglary and not guilty of larceny. Benton was sentenced ten years in prison, then he appealed that the jury was selected unconstitutionally. Benton’s case was remanded and chose to have a new grand jury. The new jury found him guilty for larceny and burglary. Benton argued that since he was found not guilty for the larceny charge before that it was double jeopardy. The question at state with…

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