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  • Seinfeld And Non Action: The Philosophy Of Nothing Essay

    Seinfeld and Non Action: the Philosophy of Nothing One of the best Kanye West tweets is “I want to publicly apologize to Seinfeld, I used to think it was a show about nothing but then I realized it’s a show about everything”. Jerry Seinfeld and Laozi hold plenty of similarities. This paper will identify the similarities between Seinfeld and Daoism theoretically, with examples from the show to back it up. It will also explore how western culture has unknowingly embraced some Daoist concepts, like Seinfeld. Finally, it analyze some of the critical differences between the hit 90’s sitcom and true Daoist thought. Influences of Daoist philosophy resonate everywhere in the western world, even on TBS’s 6:00 show. If there was to be one great philosophy about nothing, Daoism would be it. One of the key aspects of Daoism is to act upon one’s natural way. In…

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  • Seinfeld Humor

    One of the most classic comedies of the 90s is, of course, Seinfeld. Its unique humor started the trend of many similar sitcom comedies, mostly Friends and How I Met Your Mother. With great casting and superb writing, it became one of the best sitcoms to be made. Created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, putting Jerry as himself in a sitcom about nothing, seriously nothing. The great Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Alaine Bennet a funny and charming ex of Jerry. While Jason Alexander played George,…

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  • Examples Of Revenge In The Cask Of Amontillado

    “Nemo me impune lacessit” means nobody could hert me without impunity in Latin. The short story “The Cask of Amontillado”, by Edgar Allan Poe depicts a man named Montresor who decides to seek revenge against a man named Fortunato who has insulted him even though they seems like good friends. He meets Fortunato at a carnival, using psychological tricks to pretent that he could provide Fortunato a chance to teast a bottom of Amontillado, then lead Fortunato into the catacombs of his home. along…

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  • Examples Of Overthink In Hamlet

    Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s most honoured and well known pieces of literature that has been studied by many. There is a depth to Hamlet which has caused so many different ways to view and argue the characters and the overthinking in which the book revolves around. The storyline of Hamlet follows a vein of over thinking that begins with the betrayal of his Uncle Claudius when he secretly murders Hamlet’s father – the King of Denmark- then marries Hamlet’s mother and becomes king himself. As…

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  • Subgenre Of Farce Analysis

    Comedy is a genre, or distinct category, of the diverse world of film. However, comedy itself is not a single entity; it is composed of multiple subgenres that all contribute to one goal: to make the audience laugh. Multiple subgenres exist in film comedy, and an important one to discuss is the subgenre of farce—specifically sex farce. As defined by Michael Tueth’s film analysis in his book Reeling with laughter, the sex farce subgenre is characterized by absurd and overly exaggerated scenarios;…

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  • I Love Lucy Vs Seinfeld

    (sitcoms) has evolved from the start of TV to today largely due to censorship. Yet a consistent feature includes sitcoms reflecting how their writers and producers viewed their society at the time. Comparing and contrasting I Love Lucy (1951) with Seinfeld (1989) demonstrates that even as sitcoms evolve, they share the concepts of reflecting on the world around them, and the need for shows to make a profit. Both this evolution and consistency can be seen especially when considering the history…

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  • The Seinfeld: The Cigar Store Indian

    Seinfeld Some stereotypes of Native Americans have been used in a more positive spirit like for comedic purposes. In the TV show Seinfeld, there is an episode called “The Cigar Store Indian”, where Jerry is attracted to Elaine’s friend, Winona, who is Native American. He presents Elaine with a cigar store Indian as a gift, unaware of Winona’s ethnicity. He then begins using racial epithets (“Let’s bury the hatchet”; “We smoke ‘em peace pipes”) and rocking the Indian back and forth, while…

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  • Similarities Between Grey's Anatomy And Seinfeld

    Stephen Lucas points out that, “Posture, facial expression, gestures, eye contact—all affect the way listeners respond to a speaker” (Lucas 248). The same is true in television, as in the videos from this week—Grey’s Anatomy and Seinfeld. In each video, without any sound, I was still able to understand what was happening; and more importantly, the mood of each scene. For example, in the Grey’s Anatomy clip, it is clear from the outset that something had gone wrong. The hurried convergence on the…

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  • Short Story Contents Of A Dead Man's Pocket

    Life’s events can cause us to change our priorities. For instance, if you were diagnosed with cancer, it can change your life physically and mentally. It changes how you look at life now knowing that one day, you will no longer walk on the Earth, unless there was a cure. In the short story, Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket, Tom had many priorities in which changed at the end. In the beginning of the story, Tom has to make a decision on whether to go to the movies with his wife or stay at home…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Working At Mckinley High School

    I walked with stiff pie-encrusted legs. I was on my way to work from McKinley high school. The scene of the crime, where the miniature cherry pie took flight from Jessica Rabanne's lunch tray (and landed on my favorite jeans) to even further deepen my hatred for that lip-gloss-wearing beast. Now, I wouldn’t be so salty if she had apologized instead of complaining about the fact that her pie came into contact with my thigh. As tragic as it was, I didn’t have time to go home and change after…

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