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  • Carl Rogers

    between himself and his older brother. With strict religious parents, Rogers was forced to adhere to their beliefs rather than his own. Later in his life, Rogers received his Ph.D in clinical and educational psychology. Today, Rogers is known for his approach to psychotherapy known as client-centered therapy and his self-actualization personality theory (Schultz & Schultz, 2016, p .271). This approach focused moreso on people achieving self-actualization and focusing on their self-concepts. Personally, I like Rogers’ optimistic view of human nature, and I can understand…

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  • Self Actualization Analysis

    The purpose of this prose is to summarize the focal points of the article “Self-Determination Theory and Actualization of Human Potential” (Deci, Ryan, Guay 2013), while providing my own insights regarding self-actualization, specifically how I’ve found an instance of humanistic motivation and how it swayed my behavior within a real world scenario. Also, I will address the most compelling points found within a similar article entitled “The Untold Secret of Self Actualization” (Hall 2012), and…

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  • Emily Dickinson Fulfilment

    How do the texts you have studied explore confronting aspects of the human condition? Encapsulated within the human condition, is the universal awareness of inevitable death, whereby the fear of death challenges individuals psychologically and emotionally to consequently instigate the aspiration for a purposeful life. Thus, the desire to discover purpose and achieve fulfilment in life, resultant of the distress of eventual death, compels individuals to find meaning through the enhancement of…

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  • What Is Self Actualization?

    What is self-actualization? “People have an inherent tendency toward growth and development and that this tendency, under the right circumstances, lead people toward actualizing their human potential, which means to become all that they are capable of being” (Deci et al., 2013). The Self-Determination Theory highlights competence, autonomy and relatedness as needs that are universal for human functioning. Competence is one’s own ability to interact with the environment. This need of competence…

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  • Self Actualization Essay

    This article emphasizes the notions of the self and the factors that support its development of human potentials. In this article we learn about self-actualization. A self-actualizing individual is one that recognizes their human potential and seeks to become that. Self-actualization means that an individual has access to and is using all of their possible resources to their full capacity in order to grow. Individuals who have self actualization use these resources to connect and prosper into…

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  • Self-Actualization And Self Determination Theory

    article we had to read on Self-Actualization in our module, it brings forth many important concepts on human potential that many of us do not take into consideration when living day by day and meeting all different types of people. Self-Actualization is the tendency for humans to strive to fulfill their fullest potential. While on the other hand, the Self-Determination Theory states that humans have three types of autonomous behaviors which include intrinsically motivated behaviors,…

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  • Self Determination Theory And Self-Actualization

    Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is fascinating; there are levels of happiness in a pyramid. To reach the highest level, you must obtain the first. Self-Determination Theory and Self-Actualization are very similar, yet are described in different ways. Self- determination theory uses motivation in triangular structure rather than the needs of basic human life in a pyramidal structure. The two theories are striving for the same thing: self-fulfillment. Everyone wants the ultimate happiness.…

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  • Self-Actualization And Argumentative Analysis

    Self-actualization is a life-long process, but what exactly does this journey self-actualization entail. According to Deci, Ryan & Guay (2013) “people have an inherent tendency toward growth and development, and that this tendency will, under the right circumstances, lead people toward actualizing their human potential, which means to become all that they are capable of being” (p. 109). In layman’s terms the authors were saying that theorists like Maslow and Rogers not only proposed but…

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  • Self-Actualization And Self Determination Theory Analysis

    Self-Actualization and Self-Determination are part of the concept of human potential. The article that this summary is about is of an article based upon self-actualization and self –determination. The main concept of this article is looking at a person’s own potential and how it is something more than previous psychologists have postulated. This article goes into depth about what SDT (Self-Determination Theory) is and how the writers go about trying to explain SDT. This theory is about how…

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  • Self Actualization Research Paper

    for Self-Actualization The drive for self-actualization is a complicated and multifaceted trait that embraces the potentialities of an individual and seeks to transcend the bondage of a mundane life. Self-actualization is a lifelong process that requires personal and psychological growth in order to be fully realized. Given proper circumstances and an understanding of the value and uniqueness of each human’s experience, self-actualization can be an empowering, existential, and enlightening…

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