Seleucus IV Philopator

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  • Daniel To Tutus Epiphanes

    is imperative due to the copious references in Daniel to Antiochus Epiphanes, which is a typology of the Antichrist. If the dating of the book were held to the former instead of the latter, this would diminish the significance of the prophecies and in turn would make Daniel simply a historical account of events instead of the true prophetic book that God intended it to be. The intent of this paper is to discuss the importance of Daniel’s prophecies relating to Antiochus Epiphanes and how they are also a double reference to the Antichrist. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND In order for the argument that Antiochus IV Epiphanes is a form of the Antichrist to be understood, appropriate attention must be given to who Antiochus was and his impact on the Jewish people. Antiochus was ruler of the Seleucid Empire from 175-164 B.C., and assumed the throne after his older brother Seleucus IV Philopator. He is known for his conquests of…

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  • The Different Side Of Events In Procopius's The Secret History

    The Secret History was written by Procopius during his lifetime, but after his other works. This was a work written for himself and close friends, which he never intended to publish. The Secret History shows a different side to the events that happened in the Byzantine Empire. This book shows a different side to many different, well know rulers in Byzantine. Procopius portrays Antonina to be a very scandalous person with very little morals who would cheat on her husband every chance she got.…

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  • Why Was Machiavelli's Plan To Win The Battle Of Hannibal

    order to be alone to reflect on the issues that troubled him. While alone, it is believed that Allah shared messages with Muhammad through Angel Gabriel. Muhammad was instructed to share with others as inspirations and spiritual guidance. Eventually the messages were recorded and titled the Qur’an, “The Holy Book of Islam.” By the eleventh century, the leaders of churches changed the way in which church officials were appointed which came to be known as “lay investiture”. Pope Gregory VII did…

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  • Jamestown Civilization 4

    Wondering how the first colonists felt, when they first arrived to the new world, Emily Amend and I started to play a game called Civilization IV. Civilization IV is a game that allows its players to create settlements, occupations, and alliances with others that would allow the citizens within the settlements to survive. Civilization IV, also, allows its players to feel like they were actually just coming over to America because the players had to make decisions that the first colonists had to…

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  • The Holy Catholic Church

    late 11th century, issues arose between Pope Gregory VII and Emperor Henry IV relating to the inductance of Church officials, especially bishops, and who was to have true Jurisdiction over it. According to Traditions and Encounters, Higher Church officials along with having significant religious authority, also had a high degree of political influence as well (p.395). This is in mind; it connects well to why the Emperor would be interested in having authority over the appointment of such;…

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  • Helicopter Parenting In King Henry IV

    when 1 Henry IV was written. For instance, a contemporary issue demonstrated in the play is a phenomenon known as helicopter parenting. According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, helicopter parenting is when a parent is extremely involved in a child’s life (“Helicopter Parenting”). Parents will often place expectations on their children to achieve certain dreams they have for their kids. This places a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress on their children. This idea is demonstrated throughout…

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  • Redemption In Hamlet

    “My crown, mine own ambition and my queen” (Hamlet, 3.3.55). In Hamlet’s tragedy, these three acquisitions of murder prevent King Claudius from obtaining spiritual forgiveness in his refusal to sacrifice them. In this soliloquy, Claudius recognizes that in order to receive true absolution, one must sacrifice; retaining the benefits of one’s sins begets only hollow, self-serving guilt as penance. Similar boundaries to redemption exist in Henry IV, Part 1, as its characters exist in the wake of…

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  • Henry 4 Protagonist

    point of view in her essay Henry IV: The King as Protagonist. While McNamara claims that King Henry IV is the protagonist of the play, Prince Hal is the true protagonist because a major portion of the play focuses on the idea of Prince Hal becoming king. In the first scene of the play King Henry IV indirectly expresses that he is bothered by the thought of Prince Hal becoming king. He wishes that somehow there was a mix-up and that Hal is actually not his son (1.1.85-90). The thought of Hal…

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  • Manipulation In King Henry IV

    If a man represents himself as something that deviates the slightest from his true self, is that not in itself an act of manipulation? Today’s speech in regards to Module C will discuss how all representations of people and politics are undoubtedly acts of manipulation as true political agendas must be hidden behind a misleading facade. Language plays a particularly powerful role in portraying these political representations. However ambiguous the political motive may be, control is the…

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  • Legitimacy And Authority In Shakespeare's Richard II

    “Richard II”: Through “Richard II”, Shakespeare describes the transition from a medieval conception, the aristocracy, in which the King is seen as the “prince”, in the latin meaning of it: primus inter pares, first among equals. It can be stated that the king is a sort of an elevated duke, who people need for military purposes, for the necessity to be protected (Lecture 10/01). Thus, he is bound to the law: with the sign of the Magna Charta the aristocrats have forced the King to recognize the…

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