Character Analysis: Modern Family

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sting scene showing deeper into the character of Hal. He feels deep guilt, which is an emotion not shown often through this show. Most characters in this show are ruthless, and cause great problems in an unapologetic way. For Hal to show this great sign of guilt shows that Hal is a deeper character than shown at surface level. This in itself is breaking a stereotype that has developed in husband and father characters. Once again comparing to Modern Family, Hal may seem immature and foolish as the father character in Modern Family, but there are moments like these that show this character has more original and interesting traits. Phil Dunphy (Modern Family) is a character whose sole purpose is for comedic relief, never having to show interesting dynamic traits. After showing this sense of failure and shame on both Lois and Hal’s parts, they realize it was not a good idea to join the church just for the daycare, and at the end of the episode decide to leave the church. Lois is shown as a very strong woman in this series. Lois is smart, and unforgiving as a mother. She has a very strong heart, and is tough. After having her new child, money is very tight, and she must start going back to work right away because the family cannot afford …show more content…
Curb Your Enthusiasm is a television sitcom starring, and created by Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld. The show revolves around him, and an average day in the life of Larry David. Much like Seinfeld, it can be called “A show about nothing”. Each episode consists of Larry getting himself into trouble due to his lack of social skills. While this show seems as if it is a lighthearted comedy show, it shows a great change for couples in the world of sitcoms. The roles of men and women within those relationships are flipped with the couple of Jeff and Susie

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