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  • The Importance Of Seizures

    seen someone have a seizure and thought to yourself what causes them? Well I have my daughter has them she started having them about Four years ago. I didn’t know anything about them what caused them or what do I do to help her. We was out of town when she had her first one. I didn’t see how she had it or what happen I was out in the hall talking to some friends and one of the friends’ kids came out of the room and said “something has happened to Veronica and we don’t know what is wrong with her”. When I got into the room with one of our friends that knew about seizures she looked down at her and told me that she was having a seizure and that I needed to call 911. I thought that the older you got you couldn’t have seizures.…

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  • Seizure Informative Speech

    and how severe some may be. Seizures for instance, can be not that bad or they can be horrible. First I will better help you understand types of seizures and the causes or symptoms, next what parts of the brain it effects and what the brain is doing during a seizure, and finally the after effects of having a seizure and treatments that are available. A seizure is a change in the brains…

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  • Essay On The Cause Of Seizures

    The Cause of Seizures All of a sudden she drops to the ground and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She begins to shake and isn’t responsive to anyone calling her name. A seizure… A sudden attack of illness. You never know when they will come but what exactly is the cause of them? You understand that you have triggers but sometimes new ones hop out of the blue. Truly, you can never know when to expect the seizure. What exactly is a seizure? Where do they come from? Who are prone to…

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  • Partial Seizure Research Paper

    Partial seizure is described as focal seizure. It take place in just one part of the brain that serves as an irritant pouring the epileptic response. In partial seizure, patient experience a range of bizarre or strange sensations including abrupt jerky movements of one body parts, alterations in hearing or seeing, discomfort in stomach or a sudden sense of fear. Consciousness is not impaired in this seizure (Shorvon et al., 2004). Partial seizures are further classified into simple partial…

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  • Poison Control Seizures And Tourniquets

    Poison Control, Seizures and Tourniquets After taking this course in first aid, has proven to be very useful to people from all walks of life, like the busy parent and working professionals, that I am. There was many thing that I learned from taking this class, but the three things that I found interesting and or could be useful to have up to date knowledge about are, poison control, seizure and tourniquets. If you took a first aid class prior to 2010, like I did then, there’s a reasonable…

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  • Seizures Can Transpire Essay

    Seizures transpire because of a malfunction in your brain that causes a person to convulse, collapse or have an ephemeral perturbance of mundane brain function that can cause you to have a vicissitude or loss in consciousness. Most seizures can cause a decrease in the blood flow to the brain. Symptoms can include loss of consciousness, unusual sensations, and uncontrollable muscle spasms. Seizures can also come from having a head injury, drug overdose, brain tumor, infection, low blood sugar…

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  • Seizure Response Dogs

    Seizure-Alert and Response Dogs “A service dog is a canine service animal that generally serves a single individual with a physical or mental disability” (Ensminger definitions xi). SEIZURES AND EPILEPSY “Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by repeated occurrences of seizures” (Varsavsy et al. 313). Seizures can cause a person to fall, shake, walk, or lose consciousness (Fetty 7). “The symptoms of epilepsy are very diverse and these depend on the region of the brain that is…

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  • Personal Narrative: Complex-Partial Seizures

    When I was eight, there was a single event that changed my life, identity, interests, struggles, and successes. This one event led to many more. In the fall of 2007, I had my first seizure, the first of many. It took us months to get a diagnosis of epilepsy, of complex-partial seizures. When someone has a complex-partial seizure, they are neither conscious nor unconscious; they’re in between, both aware and unaware at the same time. They typically do some kind of small motion; picking at…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Unreasonable Search And Seizure

    Is a person's private property really private? Unreasonable search and seizures where he or she feels violated by a sheriff or police officer because they did not have a warrant on them to search the person or their property. The right that is being discussed is protection against illegal search of self, home, or property. A person has the right and should always say no if a sheriff or police officer do not have a warrant with them. Most people say this, “fruit of the poisonous…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Seizures In My Life

    A year ago I was diagnosed with simple and complex partial seizures of the temporal lobe. The kind of seizures I have are hard to describe but its kind of like being on a roller coaster. You're strapped in and you can feel the tension as you know its going to happen, and you know its going to be scary. Once you reach the top of the roller coaster you get a weird feeling in your stomach, just like you do before your seizure happens . Sometimes you experience a very strong, awful feeling of Déjà…

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