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  • Gender Disparity In Online Gaming

    towards online gaming, we became exposed to the toxicity that thrived there. The level of which the environment is unwelcoming, harmful, or poisonous is not something we had encountered before. Nor were the people that create this atmosphere who are often referred to as “toxic” players. These players use abusive and vulgar language which extend to their behavior (See Appendix 1). Upon my…

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  • Aroclor 1242 Case

    such as NCR had sufficient knowledge to be concerned about using a substance such as Aroclor 1242 in its CCP, especially in the absence of information about the toxicity of Aroclor 1242 at low environmental levels. For convenience, my conclusions are repeated here: 1. Citing the risk assessment paradigm and risk assessment methodology set forth by the National Academy of Sciences in 1983, Dr. Rodricks erroneously concludes that prior to it ceasing use of Aroclor 1242 in its CCP in 1971, NCR…

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  • Dysphagia Case Studies

    Specific dysphagia-related toxicities included oral mucositis, pharyngeal mucositis, dysgeusia, xerostomia, salivary duct inflammation (thick saliva), nausea and dysphagia. The CTCAE uses 2, 3, and 5 level scales depending on the toxicity, where 0 represents no symptom presence and higher scale scores represent increasing severity, with functional descriptors provided to guide ratings of each symptom by severity. The toxicities and their rating scales used in this study are detailed in Appendix…

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  • Skin Peeling: A Case Study

    It has been reported that the use of phenol is the surgical procedure of skin peeling can produce cardiac arrhythmias although specifics of dose received were not determined and would be expected to be extremely high (Office of Environmental Health Hazzard Assessment, 2015). In 1985 a group of iron and steel foundry workers with multiple chemical and aerosol exposures were examined and found to have more respiratory systems in the phenol exposed group (Office of Environmental Health Hazzard…

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  • Toxicity Test

    INTRODUCTION: Toxicity test evaluates the deleterious effects of chemicals on humans, animals, plants, environment following single (acute) or repeated (long term) exposure (Arwa and Vladimir, 2016). Safety evaluation of chemicals is very important for their development and approval for human uses (Gallagher, 2003; Peers et al., 2012). In risks assessment, there is no doubt that the best test species for humans are humans since accurate extrapolation of animal data directly to humans cannot be…

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  • Toxicity In The Human Body

    The human body is made up of chemicals and it interacts with a variety of chemicals made by man as well as nature. The body has a capacity to metabolise all chemicals, and beyond that they will cause toxicity. Toxicity in the body can be of any reason. Since the curry leaf contain variety of chemicals these is possibly of toxicity by consuming for a long period. The liver is a vital organ of metabolism. Liver plays a major role in detoxification and is generally the major site for intense…

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  • Is Animal Testing Right Or Wrong

    care deficiencies, and submit evaluations. This helps keep companies in compliance with laws and regulations they must follow. Cosmetic testing is huge part of our society. Tests are conducted on every type of makeup or lotion you could put on your body. Rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats are the most common animals used for this type of testing. There are people that find it very important to know whether or not their products were used for animal tests or not, while others simply aren’t…

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  • Animal Testing: Pros And Cons

    Every day animals all over the world are unwillingly and harshly treated as experimental objects, to be used for unnecessary scientific cosmetic testing. Across the country, about 26 million animals every year are used in and as experiments. They are used to figure out the toxicity of medications, discover and develop medical treatments, participate in food and chemical tests, and, most especially, make sure certain products for humans, such as cosmetics and other personal care products, are…

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  • Benefits Of Human Testing On Animal Testing

    Animals? “The question is not, can they reason? nor, can they talk? but, can they suffer?”(qtd. in Should). Millions of animals endure human product testing. Even though they are not as advanced as humans they can still feel and suffer. Common human products are tested on them in different test dealing with toxicity. These tests are unnecessary, costly, and don’t predict reliable results but the truth is ignored. Animals are very different than humans and the millions of dollar spent to test…

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  • Daphnia Experiment Reaction Paper

    daphnids were removed, the F1 daphnids were old enough to be used for acute and chronic toxicity experiments. Acute Toxicity Study I carried out four 48 hour acute toxicity studies. I examined the effects of buffered and unbuffered gibberellic acid on Daphnia magna and Daphnia pulex. I used six different concentrations: 0 mg/L (control), 1 mg/L, 5 mg/L, 25 mg/L, 125 mg/L, and 625 mg/L. Gibberellic acid (99% purity, Chemservice, West Chester, PA) was dissolved in deionized water as it ionized…

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