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  • Essay On Toy Safety

    Yes Mattel had acted in a socially responsible and ethical manner with regards to the safety of its toys. Whereas he terminated several dozen suppliers for noncompliance and made numerous changes in its own plant. He also did a recall on the toys that were found panted with lead, which is stated to be a harmful neuro toxin and dangerous to children who ingested or swallow bits of the paint. Mattel could have implemented a strict safety checkpoint from the beginning. As such he could be able to ensure that his safety standards has been meet/ carried out each time someone made a toy in the plant or the ones coming from contractors. He also mentioned that he had changed the design of the toy, so that instead the magnets on the toys could be…

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  • Manold Toy Company

    Case study Manfold toy company: Corporate governance and ethics for directors and professionals Focus: conflict of interest Manfold Toy Company is a plastic bath and water toys manufacturer founded by Joseph Wan. It is also a plastic airbeds producer and has several lines of plastic exercise toys for use in swimming pools. Through years 1983 to 2005 the company did well, from 42 employees they grew to 900 only in 10 years. In 2001, the Manfold was listed in Hong Kong exchange. In 2005, the…

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  • Amazon Strategy

    China then took action and canceled the export licenses of two Chinese factories that were directly associated with the recall (TIMELINE: Key dates in China 's August toy recalls, 2007). If it wasn’t bad enough that they recalled that many at first, the numbers continued to grow. The following week Mattel announced that they were yet again making another recall, this time 18 million toys due to the magnets that could potentially separate from the toys and be ingested by young children causing…

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  • Lego Swot Analysis Essay

    Lego has been in the lives of children for many years making it one of the top companies in the market. However, Legos has had its negative streaks and has had to build its self and go back to its roots. By using PESTEL framework, Porter’s 5 Forces and SWOT analysis we are able to have a better idea of the factors that are being considered by Legos in their business. Lego’s political environment and legal environment plays a role on its business because they must take into considerations the…

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  • Lego Pestel Analysis

    playing interlocking brick toy and provide them different play experience as well. • LEGO invested a lot of resourcing on media advertising in TVCs or graphic magazine • High bargaining power to the suppliers Weakness: • LEGO product is easily duplicated by illegal businessman since the product design is simple. • Provide tedious and type of brick toy product only at this moment. Opportunities: • Cooperating with famous licensor like Disney - marvel, Star War and DC comics in the featured…

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  • Lego Pest Analysis

    Introduction Lego is a toy-making company founded in Billund, Denmark (LEGO 2014). In this essay, Lego’s value and core competencies will be identified based on the PEST analysis, Porter’s Five Forces and the Value Chain Analysis. PEST Analysis Political Government policies affecting a reduction in the corporate tax level, or an increase in import taxes in developing economies, will have an impact on the Lego Group due to the wide distribution of products to more than 130 countries (LEGO 2014).…

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  • Essay On Gender Toys

    As a child and now as an adult I have always enjoyed toys, so this report will be reporting on children’s gender and toys. While shopping for my family and friends children for birthdays and Christmas I will play with the toys to check them out to see if they would enjoy the item chosen. It takes me back in time as a child and the memories that I had, so it can be extremely difficult being and adult shopping for kids. I contacted and spoke to Kathy at Hasbro Toy Company who completed my…

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  • LEGO Harvard Business Case Group Analysis

    more inclined to request technology focused toys, parents will be loyal to the LEGO name and purchase the toy because they consider it “good for their children.” The toy itself requires children to think creatively as they build and rebuild different structures each time they choose to play with the toy, this strategic thinking is why parents will continuously be loyal to the brand. The company, dates back to 1916 and was built off of…

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  • What Is Mattel's Social Responsibility?

    acted in a socially responsible and ethical manner. They issued recalls on the unsafe toys, apologized for the problems that arose with their toys and they acted quickly and aggressively to implement a stronger safety check system on their products. One thing they should have done differently was issuing the recalls sooner than they did though. I think the vendors that used the lead paint, Mattel and the government regulators that are supposed to be checking for safety are all at fault. The…

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  • 19th-Month Developmental Examiner's Report

    activities such as building block towers to copy one made by the examiner, copying shapes, coloring within the lines, and solving picture puzzles. To be honest, I believe that this advancement is due to both environmental and biological factors because these two factors both influence child development and often coincide together. My hypothesis is that the biological factors caused Ryder’s desire to play indoor, quiet activities such as puzzles and with blocks, and the environmental factors…

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