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  • Toyo Ito Theory

    solve primary form problems and he has been able to keep technologically complication under control. The application of technical resources actually serve the morphological lighting and dematerialization of the construction. At the same time Toyo Ito working on the project of Mediatheque, he start to use “blurring” term to describe his architectural theories. Image 8 Due to the development of modern technology, people start to complete more complex tasks with the help of technical devices. Communications between individuals are no longer limited in conversation or body language. Human body extended by modern mechanical technology. The experience of the body effects the purpose and way of using specific technology to achieve his aim and leave a particular message or information which recorded the whole process of this activity. Take a tool as an example, if the more times for a person…

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  • Northwest Corner Building Analysis

    imagine themselves as profession at 19 century. Here comes another profession, Even the statue of liberty, which has the rational structure of diagonal inside and stone skin outside the structure, is only the work of combining sculpture and engineering. Some architecture also design high-rise in that way, they only design the façade of the building, and the engineering designed the structure of it. There are more than one way that engineering and architecture are related. For instance,…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Art Has Changed My Life

    A is for Art The pencil screeched as I drew on the canvas. Carefully examining my work, I wiped the eraser shavings off the paper. The many styles and mediums of art allow for change and variety while making art, rather than consistently working on similar project. Art has been enjoyable in my life, since it gives me a chance to express and design what I think and feel on paper. Being able to draw is handy in life, whether to draw a sketch of something, making a project for school, or showing…

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  • Theme Of Discrimination In North Carolina

    Discrimination has been an ongoing struggle as far back as history can recall, and it is unfortunate that it is still an issue today. We have made tremendous progress for women, African Americans, and other minorities, but we are still in the midst of full rights for the LGBT community. It would be unrealistic to say that this community now has complete equality, especially when states like North Carolina pass laws allowing discrimination and refusal of treatments to the LGBT community. It is…

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  • Urbanism In Diagram Architecture

    Toyo Ito in “Diagram Architecture” describes the architecture of Kazuyo Seijima and the spirit of her structures as ‘diagram architecture’ for the close similarity between the buildings themselves and the scale drawings representing them. Thus, Sejima’s works of architecture merge with the diagrams, as the diagrams showing functional conditions are transformed into constructed spatial forms in the greatest brevity. For Sejima, the architectural convention of planning rests mainly on the spatial…

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  • Zaha Hadid: The Globalization Of Architecture In East Asia

    However, it had been attacked by Japanese architects including Toyo Ito, Kengo Kuma, and Sou Fujimoto, who claimed that project will be "too huge" in relation to the surroundings and too expensive. Therefore, Zaha Hadid Architects has confirmed to adapt its design and use more eco-efficient and visually lighter materials (Kin, 2014). This project demonstrates how local architect responds to the globalization, in fact, this situation termed “glocalization” has became the growing trend.…

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  • Cultural Trends In Hong Kong

    that they knew practically nothing about the world they lived in. Albert Einstein was a large advocate of this idea that there is so much more to discover and we must be humbled by our discoveries. All of these cultural acts of art introduced a new way of looking at the world, which all included the theme that there is so little that man knows about his universe. It was a period of uncomfortable and humiliating expression of emotion. After the 1950s a spring of new art, especially in modern…

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