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  • Peanut Farming Case Study

    A growing trend of technological advancement in the peanut industry is auto steering tractors. The technology involves a system that uses GPS technology to assist farmers in guiding tractors and navigating through their fields. Auto-steering is leading farmers to bigger profit margins and higher crop yields; the technology, therefore, increased efficiency in harvesting by reducing the harvest time and reducing the number of peanuts left in the ground. A study conducted by George Vellidis who is a researcher at the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Science Tifton Campus indicated that the auto-steer technology outperformed ordinary methods by 439 pounds per acre in 2011 and 516 pounds per acre 2010 (Thompson, 2013). The technology has been adopted by an increasingly larger number of farmers over the past decade due to the inherent gains in efficiency that the auto-steering technology comes with. The way auto steering works is that, as the tractor is driven in a field, auto-steer gathers signals from a GPS and directs the tractor. Auto-steer creates corresponding pathways, which is the best option for farmers when planting and inverting. With the help of auto steering the tractor is able to follow the exact same centerline for both (Thompson, 2013).While this technology does help productivity it does not…

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  • Woodland Adventure Playground Case Study

    Q.1 a) Concept, package, and process: Woodland adventure playground is one of the largest in the country designed for leisure sports with adventurous and exciting experience for visitors. Along with sports like slides, ropewalks, towers and trampolines, the kids can learn responsibilities at working farmyard by having a chance to handle “livestock like pigs, sheep, fish, and chicken” (Nigel Slack). The park has to be regularly maintained to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors,…

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  • Legal Case Study: HRII Vs. London Hotel

    9. Draft a conclusion for the problem discussed in Exercise 7. There are two different acts in the facts so the analysis will be done separately. The first element that has to be proven against Mrs. Bill is that she trespasses the building with the purpose of committing a thief by force or deception in the first incident our client went to the Masonic temple after the fundraiser with the clear purpose of committing a thief and get into through deception. The Statute indicates other…

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  • Grapes Of Wrath Intercalary Chapter Summary

    In The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck uses the unconventional, intercalary chapters in the structure of this novel. These intercalary chapters are a narrative technique in which Steinbeck informs the reader about the economic impact of the Great Depression upon the common farmers in the U.S. during that time. In chapter 11, Steinbeck uses the intercalary chapter technique to describe the incoming of the modern tractors and the effect this modernization had on the land the farmers had occupied.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Tractor Vs Lawn Tractor

    and rough terrain have to work harder to keep their lawn looking great all year long, especially if they have quite a bit of land to take care of. So it is crucial that they have the right equipment to get the job done more efficiently. And the first item to start out with is a garden tractor. What are the Differences Between a Garden Tractor and a Lawn Tractor? Both a garden tractor and a lawn tractor can be used for cutting the grass. But they each have differences that make them unique.…

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  • Mow A Lawn Essay

    How do you mow a lawn? Anyone new can experience that mowing your lawn is more than just getting a lawn mower and cutting a patch a grass. They are multiple ways to mow a lawn and where you live is going to be a big factor on how you mow your lawn. Mowing your lawn is crucial and with these steps you will be able to tell when to mow your lawn, what tips you should know and what equipment you will need. Knowing how to tell and when to mow your lawn is key to this simple but yet essential task.…

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  • Work Ethic Essay

    Developing one’s work ethic can come from completing numerous simple chores in a household. Once this work ethic is developing, one is more likely to accomplish tasks rather than put them off. The hard labor of mowing the lawn brings a sense of accomplishment when everything is complete. Initially, a laborer needs to acquire the appropriate equipment to set-up the task of mowing the lawn. In order to find this equipment, one needs to find the correct location which in this case is the garage.…

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  • Essay On Lawn Work

    A Woman’s Guide to Lawn Care Outdoor work activities: everybody does them to some degree. Sometime they are unpleasant, sometime they are more unpleasant, sometime the activities are actually fun, even enjoyable. Outdoor work activities typically have a purpose, and when that purpose is personally beneficial, the work can be gratifying. Yard work has stereotypically been a man’s obligation; however what if there are no men in the household? These days it is more common for a woman to be the…

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  • Case Study Of Robotic Lawn Mower

    The robotic lawn mower is very exciting products that can facilitate the lives of thousands. In marketing you must create value for the consumer and in this case the robotic lawn mower can have a lot of benefits for the consumer. As an entrepreneur, I feel like there are three sectors in the market where the robotic lawnmower will work in tandem with the segmented population. The 4 market segments are people age 50 and above, young homeowners with no children, families with extremely high…

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  • Lawn Job Description

    tipped me weekly. No matter the quality, she never failed to show gratitude, even collecting her lawn ornaments so I did not have to mow or trim around them, which saved time, and made my job much easier. Her lawn was the only one I looked forward to mowing every week, and her kindness motivated me to do a better job. Another reason the Nice Old Ladies are my favorite lawn owners is they are never picky with their lawn; if I make a mistake, they realize it was an accident. One day after it had…

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