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  • Logitech International Case Study

    So as to elaborate these points further an example of a firm Logitech International is used. Logitech International a Swiss global provider of personal computers and tablets accessories is a classic example of a born global firm. Founded in 1981 by Swiss and Italian founders, the firm is headquartered in Luanne, Switzerland. Around the same time “a little known device called the computer mouse was beginning to surface”. The founders worked closely with the developers of the mouse and helped them bring it to the market however a prototype was first developed. This lead to an initial funding from an IT firm called Ricoh management in which the founders had worked as consultants. With the funding in hand Logitech went on to introduce the mouse in 1982 in just one year from their inception. The product was introduced and marketed at the Comdex trade show and as a result went on to make its first sales in the niche graphics market which rapidly grew. After their failed attempt to partner with Microsoft Logitech’s strategy was to open its own retail outlets. Despite their lack of experience in the retail market the store was set up in 1985 and the firm was a huge success with “800 units sold in their first month”. (Logitech history) .By 1986 Logitech opened its first manufacturing unit in Taiwan and very quickly expanded to manufacturing to Cork, Ireland in 1988 so as to efficiently serve their European customers. In order to finance growth, in the same year Logitech registered on…

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  • Blackberry Company Executive Summary

    need to be undertaken and the time frame needed to carry out the marketing plan. It shows that the product will be ready for launch within 8 months. Finally control systems are used to evaluate the marketing plan in terms of viability. 2. Business Mission The mission statement of BlackBerry is to create wireless solutions in the mobile communications market worldwide, through integrated software and services which provide instant access to information that is time-sensitive such as…

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  • Tamar Lifeboat Quality Plan

    development of lifeboat computer systems. The system should allow the crew to control and monitor the boat from the safety of their seats (Pillay & Wang 2003). Ergonomics Since the marine environment is harsh, there are chances that the crew might operate mouse and keyboard with cold hands. This makes it tough for them to work in an efficient manner especially in extreme boat motions. Furthermore, the fact that the movement of the crew is restricted makes the application of ergonomics…

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  • Smart Phones Timeline

    is in the Guinness Book of World Records for its claim to fame: being the best selling computer ever. In 1984, Apple unveiled their Macintosh computer. This personal computer was one of the first with a mouse. In 1989, Intel launched their 80486 microprocessor. This contained roughly one million transistors; it had double the speed of the 386 microprocessor. That same year, Apple launched their Macintosh Portable, which encouraged a more mobile personal computer for people on the go. However,…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Research Papers

    that noise?" She said, "It 's cat races! It 's driving me crazy! They strap these cats into these remote controlled motor cars and race around the mall with them. I 'm going to bring a bee bee gun in and start shooting the friggin ' things!" I thought, "Okay! Cat races? Must be something done only in Kansas." One of my favorites is when we replaced all of the mice on the computers with track balls. A woman called to say her track ball wasn 't working. I knew it wasn 't dirty since they were…

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  • Space Race In Canada

    it to where the technology has come today. Canadian scientists developed the Plan Position Indicator, also known as sonar which still in use today. Canada provided 9000 of these sets, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, to the Allies. The National Research Council built and installed the new submarine detection radar in the St. Lawrence River in just seven days. A difficulty Canadians found with the sonar technology was that when there is water with various temperatures the signal is…

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  • Examples Of Cloud Computing, Rapid Elasticity

    D) CD-ROM Answer: A 36. A high-speed network dedicated to storage that connects different kinds of storage devices, such as tape libraries and disk arrays so they can be shared by multiple servers, best describes: A) SSN. B) SAN. C) ASP. D) LAN. Answer: B 37. What type of device gathers data and converts them into electronic form for use by the computer? A) Optical storage B) Magnetic storage C)…

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  • Blackberry's Strategy And Competitive Strategy: Blackberry

    at least in wealthy nations such as EU members and the United States. Apple is known for making products that “just work”. They charge a premium for their product with the expectation that it will be reliable, last several years, and are easy for people to learn how to use. Apple generally target businesses and individuals who are in visual, audio, and other creative professions. Apple is known for their multimedia applications that can create music, movies, and various multimedia presentations…

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