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  • Elders Traditions

    in this class, I have learned about the traditions of ingenious people. The tradition that sticks out to me is that the Elders become the spiritual leaders of the community. Every person within the community looks to the Elders for advice, for culture, for wisdom. In this paper I will argue that Elders can help both aboriginal youth and others in a similar way, Elders have a way of bringing and keeping knowledge within communities. I think Elders could help by informing others of the traditions they have always had; with traditions ranging from medicinal plants to the Medicine Wheel, Elders are an abundance of useful knowledge for the new generation. I believe that Elders acquired so much wisdom over their…

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  • Quinceañera Traditions

    past, they are still a very important time in a girl’s life. The roots of Quinceañeras go back to the indigenous tribes of Mexico such as the Mayas, Incas, Aztecs, and so on, who all had traditional ceremonies when girls turned a specific age depending on the tribe itself. After this ceremony they would begin training for what their place was to be in the tribe and to be available for marriage. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived in Mexico they adopted this tradition for the age of fifteen.…

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  • Comparing Tradition In The Lottery And The Village

    Tradition is an inseparable element in our life. We inherit our tradition from our ancestor, therefore, it is our responsibility to continue it. However, would you follow a tradition without questioning it? Would you be willing to sacrifice a person to benefit your lifestyle? “The Lottery” written by Shirley Jackson and “The Village” directed by M. Night Shyamalan will show you how life would be in a society where people are loyal blindly to their tradition. Although each of them tells a…

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  • Traditions And Small Town Values In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

    Traditions and Small-Town Values Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” is a shocking tale of tradition and the horrifying results when are taken to the extreme. The author’s word choice, setting, and overall tone used in conveying the story sends a powerful message to the reader. The style and diction used by Jackson to create a familiar and comforting setting and tone in her tale of senseless violence both brings the violence of human nature closer to home and reveals the darker nature of tradition,…

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  • The Theme Of Tradition In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

    gets stoned (human sacrifice). The community members do not even remember the purpose of this tradition or where it came from but yet they still participate in it every year. This story presents many themes. One of the major themes of this story surrounds a tradition. The tradition…

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  • The Role Of Traditions In 'Like Water For Chocolate'

    care of women in their old age” (Esquivel 11) This quote is an example of how traditions do not always benefit the majority. Traditions can bring the family together, and create a sense of communion with the family. Each tradition has a role within the family, whether to create a sense of togetherness, or if to imprison the other family members. These traditions play a vital role in the novel, and change throughout the growth and decrease of the family. The traditions remain a constant…

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  • Ffa Greed Research Paper

    “Proud traditions, sparking ambitions.” That was the saying for FFA this past year. While that 4-word phrase may seem just like a catchy phrase or a good theme to have, when we take a step back and examine those 4 words, we realize that it has been vivid throughout our history, in FFA, 4-H, agriculture, and throughout the world. People throughout our history, even though they may not realize it, have been running with this idea. This phrase has been summing up the actions of some of our greatest…

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  • Essay On Passive Observation

    Indigenous knowledge is a way of learning through non formal ways. This knowledge is almost never set in stone and is therefore passed by generations. In the hispanic culture for example there are traditions that include certain ways of speaking and events. Many of these events are still passed down today while others have shifted to fit the new modern society. Among one of these old traditions is the quinceanera. This is a coming of age ceremony where a 14 year old girl hosts a celebration of…

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  • Social Media Vs Traditional Church

    Introduction It only takes one word to put most traditional church members on edge, that word is change. Rather this change is picking a different paint color or changing services times, this can begin a fight that most are not ready to fight. Therefore, it is important to establish the biblical reasoning behind the changes made within the church walls. One such concept is establishing the difference between church tradition and scripture. All to often these two concepts are considered one in…

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  • Generational Conflict In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

    Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” depicts a village tradition which ends with one of the villagers being chased down and stoned by her friends, family, and neighbors. Such an outrageous and violent ritual must have strong reasoning behind it; however, none of the villagers really know why they do it. The lottery is a tradition that has been going on for years and is generally accepted. Shirley Jackson uses generational conflict in “The Lottery” to show that following tradition can cause motivation…

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