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  • The Theory Of The Optimum Currency Area, And Economic Shocks

    The member states in a monetary union are not always equivalent economies; McKinnon (1963) claimed that if they suffer from economic crises through market mechanisms of trade, it is an usual area of a common currency. If individual economies do not open their trade markets, demand shocks could severely hit national economy and encroach on GDP or price levels in the national market. Conversely, if the national markets are highly opened, they can equilibrate intra-economic performance and deal with those shocks. In terms of this, the Eurozone is recognised as OCA, yet the zone is not considered as OCA from the viewpoint of labour mobility because of linguistic divergences; thus, it is arguable whether the Eurozone is OCA (Swoboda,…

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  • Differences Between The European Union And NAFTA

    The European Union’s trade regulation, set between the countries that are within the EU, entitles all the countries within the EU to trade without any barriers in place this affects all member states. However, NAFTA on the other hand is strictly an agreement that is set between Mexico, United States, and Canada. NAFTA stands for North American Free Trade Association; this had been created in the year 1988. One of the main points that will be covered in this assignment will be how these…

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  • Why Do Regional Trade Agreements Affect Multilateral Trade Liberalization?

    Formation of Regional Trade Blocs WHY DO BLOCS TRADE ? [Paper 1] The basic question we try to address in this paper is whether regional trade agreements affect multilateral trade liberalization i.e, whether Minilateralism and Multilaterism are friends of foes. We also try to find out the various reasons responsible for the formation of Regional Trade Blocs and Free Trade Agreements. MINILATERALISM vs MULTILATERALISM There are two usual ways in which the respective governments might…

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  • How Did The Cold War Influence The Economy

    purely by two states, the Cold War allowed other countries in both the Western bloc and Eastern bloc to join each of the two…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Truman Doctrine And The Marshall Plan

    well as their currency. Then, America passed the Marshall Plan which granted thirteen billion dollars in aid to Western European countries, this is approximately 130 billion dollars in current United States currency. The original purpose of the Marshall plan was to rebuild European economies, rebuild their currency, and to foster free trade between the United States and Western Europe. General Marshall stated in his speech, which was delivered to a graduating class at Harvard University in 1947,…

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  • Significance Of The Iron Curtain

    What was the Iron Curtain The term Iron Curtain became widely known during the cold war and was used to define the geopolitical, military, physical and ideological boundary that separated states that were members of the Warsaw Pact in Eastern Europe (Eastern Bloc) and those that were not, otherwise called The West. This boundary separated the two areas from World War II to the end of cold war and it represented the Soviet Union’s attempt to shield itself and allies from direct contact with…

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  • Us Intervention Research Paper

    Previously colonized by the British, Afghanistan became independent in 1919. Nonetheless, despite having an agriculture sector, Afghanistan has always had a high dependency on foreign powers for income and state revenue. 50% of the source of state income came from foreign aid from countries like the U.S. Afghanistan entered into the realm of international relations during the proxy wars between the powers in the Western Bloc(the United States, its NATO allies and others) and powers in the…

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  • The Iron Curtain: The Rise And Fall Of The Berlin Wall

    No one expected that a major city, once an economic superpower could be completely functioning and surviving after the war one second, and then physically divided into two so suddenly. Social and cultural differences between the two sides certainly played a huge role. When the Wall fell in 1989, many East Germans rushed into the West not knowing they would find so many new consumer goods and inventions that had been growing and developing for twenty eight years after the Berlin Blockade…

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  • What Was The Causes Of The Cold War

    communism and the power the Soviets could wield in those Eastern European countries. The United States felt a responsibility to protect capitalism and the free world from that influence of communism. The Second World War had left the U.S. in the role that showed that they held massive influence in the international field that they intended to use to make sure the U.S. ideas of freedom and capitalism would be protected from the Communist threat. The U.S. leaders saw the Soviets as a threat…

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  • Fall Of The Berlin Wall Essay

    The fall of the Berlin Wall not only symbolized the end of the Cold War, communism, and dictatorship in Eastern Germany, but it was also a great impact on European history. The Berlin Wall, despite its monstrous purpose, brought some positive consequences to the people of Germany. During the twenty-eight years the wall stood, many friendships and families were torn apart due to a physical separation, as well as metaphorical due to stigmas, controversies, and stereotypes. As the wall was built…

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