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  • Trade Secrets And Confidential Information In A Company

    As we all know a successful company has its tactics and strategies to progress in any field, but what is known to the public isn’t always the full recipe on how to succeed just like them. This is where trade secrets and confidential information come into play for any company or organization. Trade secrets include formulas, strategies, lists of contacts, programs, or processes utilized that are kept between their rightful owners and some employees. Like any other secret, confidential information holds a strong value to the company and if any of it is shared among competitors or the public they gain an insight and take advantage of the information to build an even stronger plan. Although a company might feel as if anything they do is to be kept…

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  • Trade Secrets

    TRADE SECRET A trade secret is a formula, practice, process, design, instrument, pattern, commercial method, or compilation of information not generally known or reasonably ascertainable by others by which a business can obtain an economic advantage over competitors or customers. A trade secret covers basically three aspects:- ● Not known to the public. ● Should generate economic profit to the holder (specifically for not being known by the public). ● Subject of reasonable efforts to maintain…

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  • The Importance Of Trade Secrets

    Therefore, trade secrets are used to prevent information from becoming publicly known such as the secret recipe for Coca-Cola (Shamoo & Resnik, 2009, p. 177). There are a variety of items that are used for trade secrets such as instruments, specific business policies, customer lists, and business plans (Shamoo & Resnik, 2009, p. 177). There are few advantages for trade secrets to be used in health care research and/or pharmaceutical companies. Trade Secrets: Advantages A trade secret may be…

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  • Pepper Ranch Case Study

    Intellectual Property Practice Exam Trade Secret I. Introduction Pepper Ranch (PR) can pursue a trade secret claim against Nabonko. In order to satisfy a trade secret claim, a plaintiff must be able to show: (1) the subject matter qualifies for trade secret protection, (2) it took reasonable precautions to protect the trade secret, and (3) the defendant acquired the information by improper. PR can show these elements. II. Subject Matter Under the UTSA, a trade secret “means information,…

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  • Case Analysis Of Greene's Jewelry Case

    case we have come to the conclusion that the focal point and the strength of our argument in the lawsuit against Ms Lawson is that she intentionally violated her contract. The manner of Ms Lawson violation to her agreement shows clear intent in her actions; a behavior which ultimately causes a disruption in the whole process in which Greene 's Jewelry was operating their business. By offering confidential information not only did she allow Greene 's Jewelry largest competitor Howell Jewelry to…

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  • Case Study Of Marlow's Duty Or Duties Toward Aerogels, Inc.

    would be considered a direct competitor. So not only did Marlow disclose a potential trade secret, he also, in the process of doing so, became an interested director involved in two competing businesses. So with such overwhelming evidence, it’s highly likely that a court of law will find Marlow liable for the breach of the duty of loyalty. And as that litigation process draws to a close, it is also likely that the remedy suggest by the court will place a significant financial burden on Marlow.…

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  • Madsen V. Women's Health Center Case Summary

    to a click-through license provision forbidding such activates. The license informed users that the program contained confidential trade secret and forbade reverse engineering of the program, however, Johansen, successfully obtained the CSS code and wrote a program called DeCSS that allowed individuals to decrypt the CSS source code that is embedded in the DVD thus allowing them to play and copy movies in an unencrypted format. October 1999, Johansen posted DeCSS on a website, that later…

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  • Memorandum Of Law To Jennifer Greene's Jewelry Legal Counsel

    Lawson for breach of confidentiality and disclosure of trade secrets to one of its competitors, Howell Jewelry World. Ms. Lawson had signed a confidentiality agreement but not a non-compete agreement. At the time of accepting employment, Ms. Lawson was of able mind, of an age to enter a legal contract and had understanding of employment contingent upon her signing the confidentiality agreement. Her employment with Howell Jewelry World is not contested but the trade secrets that Ms. Lawson…

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  • Greene's Jewelry Wholesale: Case Study

    • Evidence that proves that Jennifer Lawson breached the confidentiality agreement. • Is there any documents that can prove the downsizing decision was made prior to the Jennifer Lawson meeting with the human resource representative? • How many employees held the same position and were they also terminated at the same time? These additional facts can help the company to determine if they can build a strong case against Jennifer Lawson. Having documents of downsizing and other employees affected…

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  • Reverse Engineering Ethical Analysis

    In 2002, there was an alleged leak of important information to a foreign intelligence service. Three people were apprehended in suspicion of leaking secret documents to Russian diplomats. Although Ericsson made the claim that no pertinent information was retrieved, the fallout of the situation suggest otherwise. Sweden expelled two Russian diplomats whom they considered to be directly linked to the espionage. Both Ericsson and the Swedish government are unwilling to disclose much further the…

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