Traffic collision

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  • Marc Amputation Case Study

    successful discharge because the hospital staff should always make sure that Marc and his life are involved when setting goals as a lot of them may be long term to guarantee the best results (Watve et al 2011). Consultant will be a big part of Marc’s post-operative assessments as they will advises surgeons on level and amputation technique, they will be responsible for checking Marc’s physical and medical ability to determine what rehabilitation needs will be necessary. Surgery will be my main point in this paragraph, I will be discussing what a pain nurse and the effects she will have on Marc’s progress, I will also discuss how marc’s psychological health will affect his wound care progress. Marc had an amputation because of a road traffic collision which he then had to have corrective surgery because of several possible reasons. Firstly, because Marc’s amputation may have been done in an unhygienic area, in this case the corrective surgery could have been done to remove all the skin that was either infected or prone to infection. 24 hours’ post-surgery marc will be expected to experience pain after the anaesthetic has worn out. Marc will need the help of a pain nurse to keep the pain at a minimum. Pain has been described as whatever the patient experiencing the pain say it is and occurring whenever the patient says it does ‘McCaffery, M. (1968).’ This will help enable the pain nurse to measure the pain level marc is experiencing so she can give him adequate medication.…

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  • Consequences Of Speeding

    - Speeding: Many drivers ignore the speed limit that is given on the specific road eg. 50, 60 , 40 etc. Speeding is one of the number causes of road and traffic related injuries as it is one of the easiest ways to cause an accident not only does speeding slow reaction timing often fatalities caused by speeding are much worse. - Drink driving: 31% of driving fatalities are caused by drink driving. Safe driving requires the driver to be alert and for the driver to be able to make quick…

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  • Ticket Persuasive Speech

    they were not wearing seat belts, which could have prevented almost forty percent of the traffic deaths” (Cosgrove). In addition to all of this, some passengers still do not wear seat belts when riding in cars. Some common excuses passengers give for not wearing seat belts include: short distances, wearing one is uncomfortable, and other passengers have said that they do…

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  • Crash Scene Essay

    PREPARATION • Traffic Template • Ruler • Internet Access (i.e. YouTube) • Pencil • Copy Paper • Easer • Traffic Crash Management Guide // by Donald J Basham • Quiz • Visual of Traffic Collision and the aftermath (VIDEO) INTRODUCTION Students would be able to create a traffic accident diagram utilizing the above preparation material. Student would be able to follow specific guidelines to create a NOT to Scale…

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  • Auto Accident Personal Injury Settlements Essay

    Auto accidents are the leading cause of death for people under 30. Approximately 6,000 pedestrian deaths and 100,000 pedestrian injuries are recorded every year. More importantly, one third of Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related traffic accident. Collisions with motor vehicles result in about 800 deaths of people riding bicycles every year. A professional attorney can help you with auto accident personal injury settlements by ensuring the victim's claim. The victim's rights are…

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  • How Does Language Affect Eyewitness

    Overview: Summarise the study, including why it was done and what was found (approx. 350 words) In an experiment in 1969 by Marshall using air force personnel it was discovered that recalling details of an event, in this case, the speed of a vehicle, were difficult for people to recall. In some cases, participants recalled speeds of up to 50 mph where the actual speed was 12 mph (Flanagan, 2013). Loftus and Palmer further studied Marshall’s discovery, Loftus and Palmers two-tailed hypotheses was…

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  • How To Write A Distracted Driving Essay

    for all drivers ages 16-20 years old is 82%.The main issue is that 10% of young adults are texting while behind the wheel and are outside of their lanes at the same time, not knowing that they are putting their lives and others in danger. Texting while driving makes you become blind for approximately 5 seconds and, it slows your brake reaction by a whole 18%. More than nine people are killed and over 1,153 are injured every day due to distracted drivers and 2,600 deaths and 342,000 injuries a…

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  • Perception Of Safety In Transport In Australia

    Many people accept the higher risky by riding a motorcycle than other vehicles for some reasons. Thirty nine percent of men and thirty six percent of women like to ride motorcycle because they do not want to get stuck in a traffic jam. For the reason ‘less expensive than a car’ is selected by seventeen percent of males and twenty nine percent of females. The majority of males (44%) prefer to drive a motorcycle just for fun than females (35%). The percentage of males (39%) and females (36%) chose…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Speed Limits

    There are many different reasons, however, lets start off with: speed kills. The general public does not have to go too far in the morning from just opening up the newspaper, turning on the radio, watching the news, reading articles online to see that people another person has died in a car accident. Very often if there is no alcohol present at the scene, the police investigating the scene of the accident will say something along the lines of, “it is believed that speed was a factor.” It is…

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  • Personal Narrative: How I Learned The Fragility Of Life

    Everybody makes mistakes, some more severe than others. However, not everyone has made mistakes that could have costed them their lives. For me, such an incident took place in March of 2017 when I crashed my car into a ditch. Although the experience was far from pleasant, I know I will never forget it or the valuable lessons it seared into my brain. I learned to always be aware while driving, and to make sure to stay focused. I learned the danger in overcorrection. Lastly, and perhaps most…

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