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  • Characteristics Of A Master Driver

    drivers from going too fast in the residential areas. Always slow down when the light turns yellow, rather than speeding up. Furthermore, in the rainy weather always follow road slippery signs because they prevent skidding. In addition, anytime you come to a place where people may cross or enter your path or one line of traffic meets another, you should look to the left and right sides of your vehicle to make sure no one is coming. Always look to each side of your vehicle at intersections, crosswalks, and railroad crossings. When changing lanes, always look over your shoulder to make sure you are not getting in the way of vehicles in the lane you want to enter. I failed my driving test for the first time because I did not look over the shoulder when changing lane, the DMV instructor counted it as a critical error. These are only a few reasons that make a driver skilled and…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Joy Of Bad Speeding

    It was a very nice summer evening, the sun was just starting to set behind us as I drove down the highway. Without a worry, the music was blaring and there was a lot of singing and laughing going on in the car. Three of my friends and I were on our way to a movie in Spirit Lake, when the trip took an unexpected turn. Now, instead of going to the movie, I was going to have to go to court. I quickly pulled to the side of the road and rolled down my window for the man that was standing…

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  • Constable Brain Brusse Analysis

    I did my last two practicum sessions with Constable Brain Brusse and Constable Norman Smith. Brussue is usually a School Resource Officer but he was filling in for another officer at the front desk/public service that day. Smith, as mentioned in my first essay, is part of the Traffic Response Unit of the Lethbridge Regional Police Service (LRPS). The Traffic Unit is always out and about- kept busy by drivers. I cannot say much action happens at the front desk beyond paper work and conversation. …

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  • Legal Driving Age Essay

    to get their licenses at a younger age than in most countries, teenagers who are sixteen and seventeen do not realize the importance and responsibility that follows getting a driver’s license. Teenagers sixteen and seventeen years old are more likely to be involved in a car accident then an eighteen-year-old driver. Most fatal crashes with sixteen year-old drivers seventy-seven percent involved driver errors. Some examples include speeding, over steering after veering off the road, losing…

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  • How Does Law Enforcement Target Minorities In Traffic Stops?

    Law enforcement is also targeting minorities in traffic stops by using their power to stop them for traffic violations. The police have greater suspicion towards minorities because they stereotype them by believing they always are the ones who commit crimes. According to Carver (2014), “the New York report showed that of 685,724 stops made by police that year, 53% of those questioned were black, 34% were Latino, 9% were white and 3% were Asian. The citywide population in 2011 was 23.4% black,…

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  • Traffic Congestion Speech

    Topic: Causes of Traffic Congestion Thesis statement: Traffic congestion is caused by high volumes of vehicles, inadequate infrastructure, illegal parking and pedestrian crossing. Sub-topics Topic sentences High volumes of vehicles A major reason for traffic congestion is the high volume of vehicles. Inadequate infrastructure Along with vehicular increases another contributing factor to traffic congestion is inadequate infrastructure. Illegal…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Route 66

    increase in automobile activity, there was always large congested traffic. Bumper to bumper traffic took the roads and accidents made travel become unethical. This is when Route 66 began to take a turn for its high popularity and love for the mother road, to changes of a more convenient road structures like a 4 lane street. In 1941 the Federal Defense Highway Act of 1941 authorized and funded a limited access four-lane divided highway that was constructed between 1942 and 1945 from Joliet,…

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  • Essay On Reasons You May Be Stopped For A DUI

    are other ways to defend against these charges. Reasons Why You May Be Stopped for a DUI While it is impossible for a police officer to know that you are drinking beforehand, there are some signs that make them assume that you may be driving under the influence. Often, motorists who are impaired will commit a traffic law violation or drive erratically. In addition, the police officer may see the impaired driver: Running a red light Swerving…

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  • Reasonable Care Examples

    related to the law. Example 1: 1. First of all, from the perspective of the case. Drivers are only normal to comply with traffic rules. When the driver needs to drive a turn, and the traffic lights also show the green when the driver is not in violation of traffic rules. However, some people come out, and the driver did not brake in time to cause serious traffic accidents. From this case, we might as well speculate that if pedestrians are blind, we should take care of the behavior of the blind…

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  • Analysis Of The Silent Killer: Rethinking Safety On Boda Bodas

    Northern bypass shared his view, before starting on the mile journey from his work-station- what he termed as a house job. “It scares me constantly, but I’m willing to trade that (fear) to earn a living.” He said. “Kampala Central is the motorcycling capital of Uganda,” said Dr. Stephen Kasiima, Head of the Directorate of traffic and Road Safety. “It’s because there are more people-who find it easier to beat the traffic jam during the rush hours than anywhere else . . . and (as a result) there…

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