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  • Marcus Ulpius Trajans: The Five Good Rulers Of Rome

    Regarded as one of the five good rulers, Marcus Ulpius Traianus, more commonly known as the great Emperor Trajan ruled the Roman empire from 98 to 117 CE (, 2016). Stretching Rome 's empire to its peak, introducing philanthropic social laws and introducing a mass amount of wealth to Rome were some of Trajan 's amazing feats. So great were his skills in public and military service, Trajan was adopted by Former Emperor Nerva as heir to the Roman Empire(, 2016). Only some time later would Trajan embark on his first and most important wars that would change Rome 's empire drastically. In fact, it was Trajan 's Dacian Wars that massively changed the Roman Empire socially. The pivotal moment of Trajan…

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  • The Influence Of Emperors In The Roman Empire

    Many Emperors during the Roman Empire ruled with power. They used the military force to keep their subjects under control by instilling fear in the people. However, not every Roman Emperor ruled through power. Trajan, the emperor from 98-117, ruled through a combination of benevolent acts and decisive action. He used the power of the military to expand the borders of the empire and fix inflation, but he designed and promoted policies to improve the living conditions and job opportunities of the…

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  • Marcus Cocceius Nerva's Influence On Rome

    Because of Nerva’s strive to aid Rome, he was considered very popular with the people as well as the Senate. However, the army did not care for him because they were still loyal to Domitian, who had given them their first pay raise since Augustus. One way he found he could gain the armies trust was through the adoption of his heir. Nerva was a childless emperor and adoption was the only way to keep the throne occupied. Nerva chose Marcus Ulpius Trajanus as his heir, who at the time was the…

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  • A Summary Of Toruk's Life

    Few minutes past with Toruk able to wipe about the majority of the army with his boundless strength and quickness leaving only Trajan and a few of his men from the army who when ahead to fight the rest of Toruk’s men. The decisive battle is about to start when both man take out their sword, Trajan when taking his sword sees that Toruk is getting weak and losing power which is the result of Toruk been around when full moon is out and objects made out of silver are nearby. Thus both Trajan and…

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  • Athenodorus The Great David Analysis

    Pieces Greek: Lacoon and his sons, Agesander and Athenodorus and Polydorus of Rhod es, sculpture, 150 B.C.E -first century C.E. Discobolus, Myron, sculpture, 460- 450 B.C. Rome: Column of Trajan, Apollodorus of Damascus, Column sculpture, 106 - 113. Emperor Constantine I , unknown sculptor, Marbl e statue, 325 - 326. Early Christian: Jonah m:d the Whale, sculptor unknown, sarcophagus, late third century Jesus the Good Shepard, painter unknown, mural, fourth century Gothic: Annunciation…

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  • Gothic Era Western Architecture

    “groin” refers to the point at which the to vaults meet and create a crease. Vaulting was also much more effective in sustaining large amounts of strain caused from heavy buildings, and it was the vaulting which allowed for the many levels of the Colosseum. The vaults take the pressure off of the ceiling and down to the ground (Kleiner, 203-205). These vaults invented by the Romans would be utilized for hundreds of years after the fall of the Roman Empire. During the Roman Empire, it was…

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  • Trajan Martyrdom

    This too shows that the upper echelon had reservations about the killing Christians. Trajan’s persecution of the Christians was implemented as a means of social control to ensure that the pagan population did not rebel against the emperor. However, Trajan’s quest for social control did not deter pagans from converting to Christianity, courageous martyrdom in the circus actually promoted the faith. The act of martyrdom is Christianity embracing their ideological differences and exaggerating the…

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  • Roman Trade System Essay

    Introduction At its height, the Roman Empire had a trade network not seen in the ancient world up to that point of time (Carthwright, 2013). Merchants traded products such as grains, oil and wine in tremendous quantities while precious metals and spices were imported at significant levels (Carthwright, 2013). In my learning journal entry for this unit, I will examine how the system of interconnectivity between the local provinces and Rome allowed for an extensive trade system to develop.…

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  • Trajan's Forum Analysis

    On the third day ashore, I made my first visit to Trajan’s Forum. The forum is two centuries old and was built by Emperor Trajan after their successful wars against the Dacians. Using the riches acquired during the wars, the Emperor rewarded the Roman citizens with the building of the forum. Construction was started in 107 CE and completed in 112 CE. The Emperor used architect Apollodorua of Damascus to construct the forum. The forum which is the largest in Roma, is a vast complex which has…

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  • Trajan's Column Character Analysis

    Trajan’s Column, a Narration of the Military Might of Rome Trajan was the emperor of Rome from 98 to 117 AD. Trajan’s rule lead Rome to the largest military expansion in their history, by the time of his death, Rome had grown to a large size than any other emperor had maintained before (Norris). Before his rise to emperor, he had to be nominated as consul, which required the person to be of important status or made in society, and have the backing and trust from the senate (Robertson). He was…

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