Transcontinental railroad

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  • How The Transcontinental Railroad Revolutionized America

    President Abraham Lincoln once said, “A railroad to the Pacific Ocean is imperatively demanded in the interests of the whole country,” (Sandler 13). Change is a necessity of life, but positive change is rare. One of these rare instances was the event that connected the coasts of the United States. The Transcontinental Railroad not only connected America, but changed America. This massive railway revolutionized America by making American life faster paced than ever before. Before any transportation was made between the coasts, though, there was technology to be put in place. Until the 1830’s, stagecoaches, wagons, and boats were the sole means of traveling. These vehicles were forced to travel across terribly made roads that made even six-team stagecoaches struggle to manage two miles per hour (Wormser 2). This, combined with badly built stagecoaches made travel miserable (Wormser 6). Meanwhile in…

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  • First Transcontinental Railroad Expansion

    Despite the discontent of Native Americans with the occupation of their lands, white Americans were aware that the railroad was the biggest deal of all time. The possibility of transporting goods over long distances, being able to establish business relationships throughout the American territory meant not only the development economic of the nation, if not the pocket thickening of many. In late 1869, exactly on May 6, with the completion of construction of the first transcontinental railroad,…

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  • Essay On Transcontinental Railroad

    The transcontinental railroad was a massive achievement for our country; its many accomplishments included expanding settlement, providing valuable jobs, and spurring immigration. Before the railroad was constructed, settlements were mostly established on the east coast. There were, however, a few settlements out west as a result of the California Gold Rush, but there was nothing in between. Traveling the 2,000 miles to California from the eastern region of the United States took five hard and…

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  • Transcontinental Railroad Impact

    Coast together with a railroad (Carvantes 4). He saw the great potential of a railroad stretching across America seeing how it could allow people and resources to travel across the country in a safe and reliable form of transportation. His vision would come to be realized with the creation of the Transcontinental Railroad. Construction of the railroad first began in 1863 and was a very long and expensive process costing up to $96 million (Carvantes 4). However, it proved to be well worth the…

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  • Transcontinental Railroad Outline

    The Transcontinental Railroad The Transcontinental Railroad was a legendary Civil Engineering feat that created an entirely new way of settlement and trade in the West that had hardly been imagined. The Railroad changed the life of the travelers and settlers in America. A trip from the East Coast to the West Coast that used to take six months then took a mere seven days. Without the intelligence of great men like Theodore Judah and Grenville Dodge, who were Chief Engineers of the Railroad, the…

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  • How Did The First Transcontinental Railroad Affect Westward Expansion

    Railroad development was paramount in shaping westward expansion and urban growth from 1860 to 1890. Conversely, rapid growth of cities in eastern America eventually led to overproduction of railways based on privatized industry and government subsidies. This symbiotic relationship fueled industrialization and rapid economic recovery for a country so desperately in need. In 1860 railroads hardly expanded further west than St. Louis. Many Americans believed the west to be comprised of nothing…

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  • The Transcontinental Railroad

    progression and manipulation of railroads proved to become the most prominent progression of technology, and heated debate between industries and farmers, in the mid to late nineteenth century. Railroads started out by replacing common canals and trails, but they soon expanded all around the nation, connecting different parts of the country with one another and expanding the national market. The most prominent expansion of railroads took place between the years 1870 and 1890, because the…

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  • Impact Of The Transcontinental Railroad

    When the U.S decided to build the transcontinental railroad it was a big step in the U.S’s future. It connected the east to the west and it saved people weeks to get to the west. While this was good for the U.S it had impacted the native Americans greatly. The Americans pressured the natives to switch their culture and the native the refused got into battles with the Americans. One of the biggest things that impacted the natives was the lost of their land. The transcontinental railroad…

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  • Transcontinental Railroad Benefits

    Throughout history the growth of the country has positively and negatively impacted America through the railroad, advertising, a growth in the urban population, and trust. The transcontinental railroad was a railroad that connected the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This railroad positively impacted America because it increased expansion, trade, and transportation. This invention caused expansion because homes and businesses began to develop around the railroad. It also caused an increase in trade…

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  • First Transcontinental Railroad

    The building of the first transcontinental railroad by the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroad companies was a monumental feat. Plans for the first railroad had begun well before the Civil War. In fact, the Central Pacific started building east from Sacramento, California, in 1863. But the Civil War delayed progress until 1865. Then the Union Pacific started out from Omaha, Nebraska, and the two companies worked towards each other to cover almost 2000 miles. (Gilded age) And in 1869 the…

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