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  • Black Mangrove Research Paper

    identify species Recording of position of species along transect (metres) Lumnitzera racemose Black Mangrove Simple leaf, Leave Alternate, Gland at end of leaf, 2.8m tall 0m, 1m, 5m, 5.5m Excoecoria ovalis Simple leaf, oval shaped leafs, roots above surface, 4m tall 1m, 2m, 7m, 9.5m Ceriops togal var. australis Yellow Mangrove/ Spurred Mangrove Simple leaf,…

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  • Analysis Of Euroley Bridge Ecosystem

    Students of Yr. 11, Marian Catholic College biology class, took on the role of a field officer for the Department of Environment and Climate Change to investigate the biological community present near Euroley Bridge, Yanco. During their time, they were to observe the various organisms that are found in the ecosystem, taking into account their surroundings amid this process. They were provided with a booklet that had various activities which were intrinsic to their Field reports such as a site…

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  • Symbiotic Relationship Between Clownfish And Mutualism

    All three transects at each site were studied at the same time on one day. The transects were studied to look for visiting pollinators at the flowers during each of the 30 minute periods. There were four 30 minute periods beginning at 0900, 1200, 1500 and 1800. During the start of each period an observer would walk for 2 and half minutes down each transect and recorded any of visitors on the study plants. This process was then repeated five more times (Barthell, 2001, 1872). The same plants used…

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  • Neptune's Necklaces

    place this data in a graph, the graph i am going to use is a scatter plot because it will plashows trends better. This graph will be what i base my conclusion on. My conclusion with will will plastate whether or not my hypothesis was true, and why this is. If my quadrat manages to land on a spot where there is an obstacle, for instance a rock. I will place my quadrat as close as possible to the spot i was supposed to place it. If i happen to come across any other errors that could affect…

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  • Salinity In Earth Harbor

    I established the location of each transect using ArcGIS software (VERSION). In the Northwest Cove and the Main Lagoon, the transects ran NE to SW, were parallel to each other, and roughly 350 m apart. There were a total of two transects in the Northwest Cove and six transects in the Main Lagoon, while Moon Pond had 6 transects that were roughly 50m apart. Each transects was run once every other week in May and June, and then every week in July and August if weather allowed. I did not sample on…

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  • Analysis Of Lulu Island Marsh

    Lulu Island Marsh is located in the Fraser River Estuary where the Fraser River meets the Strait of Georgia. The approximate length of the area examined on marsh averages at about 330 metres (red line in Figure 1). To cover more ground, the study site was divided into two transects: a southern transect and a northern transect. These two transects started at the given Eastings and Northings above and ended at the marsh front 330 metres out and approximately 15 metres apart from each…

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  • Bruny Island Topography

    refining to report on the reasoning behind the different trends in the datasets. As Bruny Island experiences (a general) North-Westerly wind direction, it became evident that vegetation and the topography of one sand dune transect would impose an effect on the recorded wind speed (or velocity) readings. The results associated with the data collected has confirmed this theory. Unfortunately, there is many limitations of the dataset that hindered on the overall quality of the results; especially…

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  • Coral Reef Analysis

    complexity of the reef structure, and did a density count of how many fish and invertebrates were present, and at what density. To test the impact of the anchoring event on the coral reef, past data that had been collected about this reef was analyzed and compared to the data gathered in the years after the anchoring event. Once a year, 30 meter data collection transects were placed throughout the reef and within these transects is where data was collected starting in in July and October…

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  • Essay On Acadian Flycatcher

    mature stands of deciduous trees with bordering waterways varying in size. The microsite spatial scale was defined as an individual nest or territory, the local stand scale as a surrounding 3ha forest patch and landscape scale as a 1km-radius circle originating at the center of each study site. On the landscape scale, researchers measured percent urban and agricultural land cover and digital photos to calculate an average width of each forest. To estimate flycatcher abundance they used 250m long…

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  • Mangrove Snail Essay

    estimated Consider the accuracy of population estimation strategies Identify factors determining the distribution of species whose abundance has been estimated Examine trends in population estimates for some plant and animal species in each environment Examine trends in population estimates for some plant and animal species within an ecosystem Justify the use of different sampling techniques to make population estimates when total counts cannot be…

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